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Why settle for internet banking when you can be empowered with complete financial control?

Absa Online is an entirely new banking platform that will instantly transform your computer into a 24/7/365 personal financial centre. It goes far beyond a purely transactional online service to a comprehensive suite of transactional, non-transactional and personal financial management tools.

Of course you can still pay accounts, transfer funds, open a savings account, apply for a personal loan, invest in unit trusts, buy prepaid airtime and send money using CashSend or Western Union.

But beyond that, you can pay multiple beneficiaries from a single view and at the same time. A statement of assets and liabilities can be pre-populated with your Absa account information and you can subsequently capture any other assets and liabilities not held with Absa to create a comprehensive balance sheet for your personal use.

Absa Online also allows you to set your own savings goals on a specific existing savings or investment account. The system will even track this goal with the balance in the specific account and indicate the progress on a graph.

To ensure that no stone is left unturned, the secure messaging system allows you to communicate with Absa in a secure environment, creating a virtual branch at your fingertips.

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Absa Online is the right choice if you:

  • Need secure access to your bank accounts at a time and place convenient to you
  • Require banking products and services beyond the norm
  • Would like complete control of your financial future

Video Demonstrations

If you’re not sure how online banking works, our video demonstrations will simplify the process to make it easier for you to use Absa Online

Control your Absa Online Profile

Create an Absa Online profile that is as unique as your fingerprints and true to your financial and security needs

Manage all your Absa Accounts online

Apply for, view and manage your Absa accounts in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year

Making payments is even easier with Absa Online

By utilising our comprehensive payment options you will never again have to pay a cent more or a day later than you have to

Managing your savings & investments using Absa Online

Grow and manage your wealth by making and executing informed decisions about how, when and where your money is saved and invested

Need to know: Important Absa Online security information

Absa Online boasts the most comprehensive and up-to-date technology as far as online banking, safety and security is concerned

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