Choose the car insurance that suits your needs

idirect car insurance
  • Personalised call centre experience
  • Competitive premiums guaranteed for 12 months 
  • Fixed excess from as low as R3 000
  • Open driver policy
  • 24-hour road emergency assistance
  • Escalating cash back payments after 3, 4 and 5 claim-free years

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Activate car insurance
  • Buy a policy online in under 5 minutes   
  • Free telematics device with stolen vehicle recovery
  • Get up to 40% of your motor premiums back for driving well
  • Log claims via the Activate app
  • 24-hour emergency assistance
  • Drive-me-home service

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Boost your cover with our value-added products 


Extended Cover
  • Credit shortfall cover for Absa-financed vehicles
  • If your car is stolen or written off, we pay the difference between your comprehensive cover settlement and the outstanding balance on your finance, plus the excess on your comprehensive cover claim. And there are more benefits...

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Why insure with Absa?

At Absa Insurance company, we don’t just think about insurance, we think about what you’re thinking about. That’s why we’ve made car, home and contents insurance easy. So let us take care of your insurance needs and give you the
peace of mind by providing you with sound insurance products.

Competitive pricing

Absa Insurance Company offers risk-based competitive pricing to give you real value for your money on all your short-term insurance needs.

coins in hand
Earn cash back on your premiums

Unique cash back structure, depending on the products you choose.

car accident
We provide 24-hour emergency assistance

Unfortunate events can happen unexpectedly. Absa Insurance Company offers you 24-hour road assistance for emergencies.