Let Absa Insurance or Absa idirect insure your home, car and household contents and enjoy the peace of mind of excellent cover at a competitive premium.

We save you money

Package your insurance products and pay less.

We’re there for you

Know that Absa Insurance or Absa idirect will take care of your insurance needs.

Easy claims

Our claims process is hassle free and we pride ourselves on our service.

What are you looking for?

Get insurance for your home and household contents

Affordable cover

Enjoy comprehensive cover at reasonable rates.

Emergency assistance

You can count on reliable help in the event of a claim 24/7.

Peace of mind

Your most valuable assets are insured against sudden and unforeseen events.

What you need to know about
home insurance

Homeowner's insurance covers the physical structure of your house and household
contents insurance covers what you have in your home.

  • Building insurance directly from Absa Insurance Company

    Imagine what you would do if your home was destroyed by a fire or flooded by a severe storm. With homeowner’s insurance from Absa Insurance Company, you can bounce back when disaster strikes, and not worry about finances.

    Absa Insurance Company

    Call us - 0860 100 876
    Email - adminhoc@absa.co.za

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  • Insuring your household contents

    Your home is where your heart is – and so are your most valuable possessions. We all have things in our homes that we can’t do without and you need the peace of mind of knowing that you can replace those after a fire, theft or other unforeseen event.

    Absa Insurance Company

    Call us - 0861 722 272

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  • Credit protection for your home loan

    You work hard to keep a roof over your family’s heads. Let our Home Loan Protector ensure continued security should something happen to you.

    We can protect you if:

    • Your home loan is less than R1 million.
    • You want to protect your family financially by covering outstanding debt on your bond.
    • You want to provide financial security for your family.

Insurance to keep your wheels turning

We save you money

Package and personalise your vehicle insurance for a good premium.

We’re always there for you

If you lose your car in an accident or a criminal encounter, we support you all the way.

We expect the unexpected

A vehicle accident can cause damage that you don’t foresee. Be covered for third-party claims.

Vehicle insurance and credit protection

You want the security of knowing that damage caused to or by your vehicle will be covered and you also want to know that your credit agreement will be paid when you are unable to pay for it.

  • Insuring your vehicle

    You choose the extent of cover you want on your car, bakkie, 4X4 or motorcycle.

    Absa Insurance Company

    Call us - 0861 722 272

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    Absa idirect

    Call us - 0860 109 693
    E-mail - idirect@absa.co.za

    Absa Online customers apply now

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  • When should you get car insurance?

    If you would like your vehicle covered against loss, accident, theft and write off or you would like access to 24/7 professional help with roadside, medical or household emergencies. 

  • What does Absa Insurance and Absa idirect’s car insurance include?

    Whatever your car insurance needs, we offer you convenience. You can decide whether you want comprehensive insurance or more limited cover. Look at what we offer.

    Comprehensive cover

    We will make sure that you are met with no nasty surprises with bills after an accident or loss. Comprehensive car insurance includes:

    • damage to your vehicle due to an accident 
    • damage to your vehicle caused by storm, hail, floods or snow 
    • fire damage to your vehicle 
    • theft and attempted theft 
    • damage to other people’s property (including walls or gates) 
    • liability to a third party caused by an accident.
    Third-party, fire and theft insurance

    If you aren't interested in paying for all of the 'bells and whistles', but still require peace of mind, third-party, fire and theft insurance is perfect for you. This cost-effective protection will cover your vehicle for:

    • damage caused by fire
    • theft and attempted theft
    • liability as a result of damage to a third party’s property caused by an accident.
    Third-party insurance

    Our third option, third-party vehicle insurance, is for you if you feel that the low value of your own vehicle does not require cover, and would prefer to only insure against the costs of damage to others' property by your car.

    Optional cover choices
    • Car hire to minimise the inconvenience while your car is in for repairs with a replacement vehicle
    • Sound equipment so you can replace your non-factory fitted sound equipment if necessary
    • Credit shortfall cover for the shortfall between what you owe the finance house and the retail value of the car in a case where your vehicle is written off or stolen
    • Accessories cover for all your accessories; including tow bars, alloy wheels, body kits, etc.
  • Credit Protection for your vehicle or asset finance

    When you enter into a credit agreement, you want the security of knowing that your obligations under that agreement will be met when you can’t make your monthly payments.

Absa idirect has you covered

Tailor-made insurance

You select what to add to your policy.

No fuss

Discover how easy it is to deal with us.

Cover your valuable assets

You know how important it is to keep your assets protected. Do away with the drama and insure with us.

  • Car insurance

    Comprehensive; third-party, fire and theft; or third-party motor insurance with fixed excesses; automatic cover for standard factory-fitted radios and 24-hour roadside assistance.

    Call Absa idirect- 0860 109 693

    Absa Online customers apply online

  • Property insurance

    Ensuring that the structure and permanent fittings of your valuable investment can be rebuilt or repaired, whatever misfortune knocks at the door.

    Call Absa idirect- 0860 109 693

    Absa Online customers apply online

  • Household contents insurance

    Affordable household contents insurance with fixed excesses, 24-hour emergency and home assistance.

    Call Absa idirect- 0860 109 693

    Absa Online customers apply online

  • Portable possessions insurance

    Flexible portable possessions insurance; worldwide cover for those valuable items you regularly take out of the home. Must be taken as part of Absa idirect car, building or household contents insurance.

    Call Absa idirect- 0860 109 693

  • Watercraft insurance

    Complete seafaring peace of mind with cover against loss or damage to motor or ski boat, wet bike, yacht or jet ski. Maximum insured amount R200 000, depending on the type of watercraft. Must be taken as part of Absa idirect car, building or household contents insurance.

    Call Absa idirect - 0860 109 693

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Portable Possessions Insurance

Keep covered - even on the move

Convenience with Absa iDirect

It's easy to add this valuable cover to your Absa idirect policy.

International cover for you no matter what
International cover

No matter where you go, your stuff is covered.

peace of mind
Peace of mind

Add your family’s possessions to your policy.

Cover for your portable possessions

The items that you carry with you when you leave your home can be insured individually to cover you against damage, loss and theft.

  • Why do I need portable possessions cover?

    • You want peace of mind knowing that you can quickly and easily replace the possessions you carry with you if stolen, lost or damaged.
    • You want cover for items no matter where you are in the world.
    • You need insurance cover for items belonging to you and your immediate family.      
  • What does Absa idirect portable possessions cover include?

    • Loss of or damage to belongings you take out of the home with you. 
    • Items that are specified individually will be covered for the replacement cost of the item or a similar item.The maximum amount that you will be covered for will be the amount you have insured the item for minus your excess. 
    • Worldwide cover for the possessions you carry with you, with assistance anytime, anywhere.
  • How do I get cover for my portable possessions?

    You need to have an Absa idirect vehicle or household contents insurance policy to add this cover. It is not available as a stand-alone product.

    Log in to your online banking profile and click on your existing Absa idirect vehicle or household contents insurance to apply for your Absa idirect portable possessions cover online. Alternatively, call Absa idirect; speak to an adviser; or leave your details and we will call you.

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