What type of account are you looking for?

Simplicity is all about getting the basics right

Simple and affordable

Helping your family with money is a basic
need we understand. CashSend lets you send
them money they can withdraw at any Absa
ATM without a card or bank account.

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Cellphone banking

Convenience definitely makes things simpler.
Use your cellphone to manage your money
anywhere, anytime.

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Building good credit

Building your credit record shouldn't be
complicated. Our basic accounts are a good
opportunity for you to establish your credit
profile and benefit from low rates.

Make your everyday banking easy and convenient

Choose one of these:

Accounts that let you make the right statement

I'm going places and I'm serious about my goals

We can help you achieve them with either a cheque or private banking account. You'll also get to enjoy some great benefits.

I believe in preparing for the unexpected

That's exactly what our overdraft facility will do for you - make sure you are prepared for sudden, unexpected expenses.

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I earn my rewards

You work hard and should get rewarded. We have an exciting Rewards program that offers real cash back plus lots more

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Freedom to do what I have to makes me excel  

We value your commitment to your responsibilities. By giving you free, unlimited transactions through our electronic channels we hope to facilitate you meeting them - always.

Choose the account that speaks to your needs

  • I want a cheque account with status and prestige

    Make a statement with one of these:

    Glow with Gold
    • Value Bundle at fixed monthly fee that includes a number of unlimited free transactions and lifestyle benefits, or
    • Be in control of every transaction with our Pay-as-you-transact pricing option
    • Get exclusive banking service and benefits

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    Second to none -
    Platinum rules!
    • Enter our world of affluent banking and enjoy exclusive banking service and benefits
    • Exclusive access to a dedicated Platinum line
    • Receive help managing your wealth with access to a Platinum Financial Advisor
    • Get great deals on devices and data

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    Apply now

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  • My time is money. I need exclusive, Private Banking

    Private Banking designed to save you time
    • Access to a dedicated Private Banker for personal financial and investment advice
    • A multi-currency Cash Passport Card with no commission
    • Extensive airport lounge access affiliated to the DragonPass program

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  • I want to bank in accordance with Shari’ah law

    We provide specialised banking solutions that operate in strict compliance with Shari’ah Law.

    Islamic cheque
    • Access and manage your money 24-hours a day
    • Interest free account
    • Get an Annual Profit Share paid to you

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    Apply now

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  • I want an account suitable for seniors

    If you’re 55 years and older and need a flexible account for your day-to-day needs then the Prosperity cheque account is suitable for you. Maintain the required investment and enjoy exclusive rebates.

    • Get a rebate of up to R500 on your transactional banking fees when you bank with us
    • Convenient access to your money via Absa's comprehensive banking network
    • Shop in-store with your card and earn cash rewards

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    Apply now

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  • I work for myself and need a unique banking solution

    We know that being self-employed means that you have unique banking needs. Go through our seamless and efficient process to open a business account designed for your business needs.

    Self-employed account

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Switch to Absa

Switch to Absa

Switching to Absa couldn’t be easier. Simply choose the bank account that suits your lifestyle, fill in the online application form and switch to Absa.

Open an Absa account

Choose your account
  • Platinum account: Live in style with our premier cheque account and get added banking convenience through our Priority Service. Minimum income: R25 000
  • Gold account: Great value for money that reflects your earnings status. Minimum income: R4 000
  • Flexi Value Bundle: Bank for a market leading low monthly fee and get a host of free transactions and value added services. Minimum income: R2 000

Choose your pricing plan

  • Value Bundle: Get a bundle of transactions for a set monthly fee
  • Pay-As-You-Transact: Pay a standard fee pricing option, where you are charged a standard fee for every transaction you make.  

Open an Absa account now.

Switch my debit orders and salary

Once you have opened an Absa account, you can switch your debit orders and your salary. All you need to do is:
Complete your online Debit Order and Salary Switching request here.


Complete this Debit Order and Salary Switching Request and email it to switching@absa.co.za or fax it to 086 753 3537.

It is that simple!

Switch now

Once we receive your request, we will keep you updated of the progress. The next steps are:

  1. You will receive an SMS or email (based on your preferences) to let you know that we have received your request.
  2. We submit your request to each service provider and follow up with them until everything is switched. Here are companies that will not allow Absa to switch on your behalf; you can contact them to process your request.
  3. There are some service providers that need more information to switch - so within 48 hours we will send you an update on the status of this, and the next steps to follow to help you complete the switching process.
  4. Within 2 weeks after submitting your request you will receive confirmation of the deduction date for all successfully switched debit orders.
  5. If there are still any outstanding debit orders not switched, within 4 weeks, we will send you confirmation of the deduction date for all successfully switched debit orders.
  6. If there are any outstanding debit orders not switched within 6 weeks, we will contact you with an update and the next steps to be taken; but please don’t close your old account until all your debit orders and salary have been switched to ensure that your payments at these providers are always up to date.
Need more support? Talk to us

Call us on:

0860 100 372

Email us at:


Switching FAQs

How long does it take to complete the switching form?

  • The online form takes a few minutes to fill in. Once you have completed the switching request, submit the form and we'll take care of the rest

Email us on: switchingqueries@absa.co.za

How can I track my switching request?

  • You can track your request through this link or by calling 0860 100 372.

What is important to remember when completing the form?

  • There are two options available:
    • Salary switch, which requires you to fill in your employer’s information
    • Debit order switch, which requires you to complete a list of your current debit orders
  • Complete all your personal details and don’t forget to provide us with your contact details
  • Don’t forget to add your Absa account details and the details of your previous bank account
  • When filling in the details of your debit orders, make sure that all reference numbers are filled in accurately, otherwise we will not be able to find your debit order

How long does it take for the switch to be completed?

  • Switching will take up to 6 weeks to complete, depending on the service providers you have debit orders with. We will however keep you updated on the progress

Does switching cost anything?

  • No, switching is free!

Do I need my spouse’s consent to switch a debit order?

  • No, you do not need your spouse’s consent to switch an Absa debit order. However, if the service provider needs more information they will contact you directly.

Do all service providers accept debit order or salary switching instructions from Absa?

  • No. Some service providers will only switch on your direct instruction and will not accept switching instructions from Absa
  • All employers will only switch on your direct instruction and will not accept switching instructions from Absa
  • We will however help you initiate the process by providing you with switching letters to send to these service providers and employers
  • See the list of all service providers, who do not accept Absa-initiated debit order or salary switching instructions

Will Absa be able to switch my internal stop orders and beneficiary payments?

Can Absa change the date when a debit order is due?

  • No, only you can change your debit order dates

When do I need to close my old account?

  • You can close your old account after:
    • you have confirmation that all your debit orders and salaries have been switched;
    • your first run of debit orders has come off your new account; and
    • your salary has been paid into your Absa account

Need more help?

Let one of our consultants help you get the best account for your needs.

Call us on: 

08600 08600

E-mail us at:


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