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Why choose Absa Insurance and Financial Advisers?

We’ll guide and support you with all your investment and insurance decisions, so that you can get the best value for your money. We also offer expert advice on retirement, estate planning, fiduciary services, short-term insurance, and commercial insurance. Leave your details and one of our Financial Advisers will contact you.

Absa Insurance and Financial Advisors is an authorized Financial Service Provider with FSP License 4012


  • Virtual advice

    Speak to a certified Financial Adviser over the phone or via email if you do not want to visit a branch.

  • Face-to-face advice

    We provide face-to-face sessions with a certified Financial Adviser at a branch of your choice.

  • Investment solutions

    We can help you select the best possible investment solution for your needs regarding the protection of capital. You can earn a positive real return, beat inflation and understand market fluctuation and volatility.

  • Convenient support

    Want to review your existing portfolio or have any general queries? Send us an email at

Let’s take care of your financial future

Most of us have financial goals. To achieve these goals, we need sound financial advice and a solid financial plan.

Retirement planning

Accurate retirement planning calculations will help you determine how much you need to save for retirement and how much income you can draw as an annuity once you retire.


Inter vivos and testamentary trusts do not have to be complex. Our Absa Trust team can assist.


We can also assist you with drafting your new will and testament or review your existing will and testament.


Get a good investment return analysis and assistance with the best possible investment plan including long-term and offshore investments.

Estate planning

There will always be tax implications when it comes to your estate. Our certified Financial Advisers will assist you with regard to any question that you might have on estate duty, executor fees, liquidity in your estate, and the possibility of capital gains tax.

Financial planning

You need to make important decisions regarding your financial planning and goals. Your financial plan must suit your individual needs. We can help you with expert advice.

Expert advice on insurance

Insurance is a necessity that helps you cover your valuable assets. It’s also important that you choose the right insurance – that’s where we come in.

Short-term insurance

Are you paying too much for your car and home content insurance and would like an obligation-free quote? Or do you need to compare your current premium and excess? We can help.

Long-term insurance

Not sure how much life, disability, dread disease, or trauma cover you need? Speak to us for assistance.

Commercial insurance

We can help with property and liability insurance for your business.

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