Our credit cards are packed with great deals and benefits that allow you to live your life the way you want. Discover the benefits of shopping online, make payments at any retail outlet, cover unexpected expenses and get rewards with our credit cards.

Get more rewards  

Use your credit card to pay for purchases and earn great rewards. Terms and conditions apply.

Shop online

You can use your credit card to shop for anything online. It’s easy and convenient.

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Accepted worldwide

A credit card with full ATM functions, including cash withdrawals from any ATM worldwide.

Build a credit history

Getting a credit card is an excellent way to build a credit history for yourself. Be smart and use it wisely.

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Upgrade to a Premium Credit Card and enter a world of rewards

Get a complimentary R150 Dis-Chem voucher, plus R100 paid into your new Premium Credit Card when you upgrade.

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Apply for a credit card that’s right for you

Gold credit card
Gold Credit Card

Monthly fee:

Minimum monthly income:
R4 000

An all-inclusive credit card with lifestyle and special offers.

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premium Banking card
Premium Banking Credit Card

Monthly fee:

Minimum monthly income:
R25 000

Access your Absa cheque and/or savings accounts using your card, giving you the freedom to do your shopping faster.   

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private banking card
Private Banking Visa Signature Credit Card

Monthly fee:

Minimum monthly income:
R62 500

Freedom and flexibility while ensuring that you have access to support, advice and assistance from a private banker. 

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Flexi credit card
Flexi Core Credit Card

Monthly fee:

Minimum monthly income:
R2 000

Enjoy multiple benefits, from making purchases in stores and online, to making larger purchases without having to carry cash around.

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Apply now

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Student credit card
Student Credit Card

Monthly fee:

Minimum monthly income:

Build your banking profile and prepare you for the next stage of your life.

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Absa Gold and Premium Package

Absa new gold debit card
Gold Package

Monthly fee:

Minimum monthly income:
R4 000 pm

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Absa Premium debit card
Premium Package

Monthly fee:

Minimum monthly income:
R25 000 pm

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Apply for our partner credit cards

Whether you want to travel abroad or do your everyday shopping, we offer a British Airways credit card that rewards you for simply swiping to pay for purchases or to book local and international flights.



rainy day
British Airways Credit Card

Monthly fee:

Minimum monthly income:
R8 000

If you love to travel and shop, then this is the credit card for you. You earn big rewards for using your card to book flights and make purchases.

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All you need to know about credit cards

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Your credit card and how to use it safely

Keep your credit card in a safe place, use it wisely and never share your PIN with anyone. See below for more tips and information.

How to report a lost or stolen card
  • Contact the Absa Stop Card Centre on 0800 11 11 55 at any time
  •  You can also stop and replace your card on the Absa Banking App
In case we contact you:

We will never ask you for your

  • Credit card expiry date
  • Credit Card CVV number
  • One-Time-Password sent to you
  • Your card PIN

Note: we will have your card number and you only need to confirm a few digits.

  • What to do when you get your new card

    Here is what you need to do when you get your new credit card:

    1. Sign your card immediately
    2. Retrieve your unique PIN and set your card limit by either calling the Card line on 0861 462 273, visiting your nearest branch (remember to take your ID with you) or log in to Absa Online Banking (Select Profile, then select Card management and then click View card PIN). For a reissued card, use your previous card’s PIN
    3. To change your transaction limits, log in to Absa Online Banking or use the Absa Banking App
    4. For added security, activate your NotifyMe
  • Get the most out of your Visa card

    No matter where you are, enjoy exclusive offers, rewards and benefits by simply using your Visa card. Create an account or sign in to access your world of Visa services.

  • Credit card safety tips

    • Memorise your PIN and store your card safely
    • Never keep your PIN and card together
    • Never share your PIN with anyone
    • Always watch your card at till-points
    • Make sure you get your card back after every purchase
    • Never trust strangers or ask them for help at an ATM
    • Treat your contactless card as cash – always keep it secure

Understand why credit is important

What to know about credit

Are you new to credit, or have you got limited credit history? Our credit cards could be a convenient way to borrow money and build a healthy credit record over time. We also have some important tips and useful information on how you can manage your Absa Credit Card and avoid financial pitfalls.

  • Interest free periods

    You receive up to 57 days interest-free on qualifying credit card purchases, subject to full payment of the outstanding balance by the payment due date. Interest is charged from the transaction date on cash withdrawals, casino transactions, fund transfers (inter-account, branch and ATM), budget plan purchases, ATM account payments, Garage Card transactions (including fuel purchases via Garage Cards), beneficiary payments, CashSends, prepaid and Lotto. Terms and conditions apply.

  • Managing your credit card during COVID-19

    The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has affected livelihoods and disrupted the way we do things. Some of our customers have lost income and cannot afford to service their debts. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way we behave and interact with fellow human beings in order to combat the spread.  We have put together tips and information for our credit card customers how to manage their debts, how to keep safe and rewarded during these trying times.

    Find out more

  • Having financial difficulty

    If your debt is beginning to take control of your life, speak to us first. We can advice on how to effectively manage your debt.

  • Build a good credit record

    Maintaining a good credit history is important as it reflects on your credit score which, in turn, usually impacts on your financial future.

    To better manage your credit record, make sure you are in the loop concerning your creditworthiness (an indication of the likelihood that a borrower will default in paying back a loan). Also understand your credit score and credit report.

  • What we consider when giving you credit

    Have a credit history, make your bill and loan payments on time and keep your debt low. This will show us that you’re a reliable person to lend to.

    In addition, set up debit orders for payments such as bills. This proves you’re good at managing money.


  • Other credit solutions

    You can also top up your recurring credit facility (Overdraft, Absa Credit Card or Revolving Credit Facility).Simply request a limit increase on your existing product based on the additional funds you require.*

    *Subject to a standard risk and affordability assessment. Terms and conditions apply.

  • Straight and budget payments

    When making a purchase on your Absa Credit Card, you can choose between a straight or budget option.

    What is the difference?

    • When you make a payment and select the straight repayment facility, it means that you start to repay the purchase within the next month.
      • Depending on the status of your account, you generally do not incur interest on qualifying spend within the first 55/57/60 days, depending on your product and bank.
      • You need to repay a minimum percentage of your outstanding balance every month, plus agreed fees and interest at your contracted rate when you took up your credit card.  The minimum percentage payable once again depends on your product and bank, but can be either 3%, 5% or 10%. At Absa the minimum repayment percentage is 3%.

    • When you make a payment selecting the budget (extended terms) repayment facility, you are choosing to pay the purchase amount back over a selected period of time in set instalments.
      • The minimum repayment percentage applicable to straight payments will not apply. The budget transaction amount is divided by the number of months selected, and every month your credit card payment due will be the sum of the budget amount/transaction repayment premium (plus the associated interest) plus the minimum repayment amount on the straight facility.
      • The minimum amount for a budget transaction on an Absa Credit Card is R300.
      • You can choose a term between 3 and 60 months (3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 and 60) when the transaction is set up via a merchant or Absa card division, and 6 to 48 months when you structure the transaction via Absa online banking.
      • Interest on the budget transaction is charged from day one.
      • Your credit facility is allocated overall between your straight and budget transactions. For budget transactions – the full purchase amount of the budget transactions is deducted from your total available credit facility.

    What to know about the budget facility

    • Your contracted interest rate applies to both budget and straight transactions.
    • If you need to buy a big-ticket item such as a television or computer and you’d like to repay it over a specific period, you could consider using the budget facility.
    • This facility can be compared to taking out a term loan where you repay in an agreed number of instalments, which means that you know exactly when you will have paid off the item in full, provided that you do not miss any repayments.
    • Consider the cost of interest over the period and whether it makes sense to use the budget facility based on the cost of the item.
    • Consider selecting the shortest budget term that you can manage to avoid interest accruing over a longer term.
    • It is important not to miss a payment at any time as additional interest and penalties may apply and your credit bureau profile may be negatively impacted. Setting up a debit order for your credit card account can assist you to avoid missing payments.
    • It is possible to decrease your outstanding balance on your budget facility by paying more than the minimum amount monthly and you can also select to pay off the full outstanding budget transaction amount at any time, or to convert it to a straight transaction.
    • Certain transactions such as fuel, cannot be purchased on the budget facility.

    Phone the number on the back of your card for assistance or for changes to your facility or structured transactions.

  • Protecting your credit in tough times

    Our Credit Protection Plan can protect you and your family against burden in case of death, temporary disability, disability or death. For more information contact Credit Life.

  • Top tips

    Please be advised that Absa will not request our clients to confirm the following information telephonically:

    • Credit card expiry date
    • 3-digit number on the back of the card
    • Secure code/OTP number
    • Your PIN

    You will only be required to use your PIN or OTP number when transacting.   In the event that you are contacted by Absa:

    We will have your card number and you only need to confirm a few digits.

    If you receive a secure code/OTP and you are not transacting at all please contact our client fraud hotline on 0860 557 557 or +2711 501 5089.

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Digital solutions what make credit card payments easy

We offer digital solutions to make paying for goods or services faster, easier and more convenient.
Get the Samsung Pay app and start shopping away without any hassle.

You can also pay your bills online using our easy and secure walletdoc app or website. Simply download the app or visit walletdoc.com, register and start paying your bills using your credit card or debit card.

Samsung Pay

Turn your Samsung Galaxy into your Absa card. Now you can pay with your phone.

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Try this smart, easy ways to pay all your bills online.

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credit history
Absa masterpass wallet

Keep all your payment details in one secure digital wallet.

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credit history
Bank smart

Start managing your money from anywhere, at any time with our array of mobile and online banking services.

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Get the best from your credit card

What to know about credit

Getting an upgrade or credit limit increase on your card is quick and easy. If you have a good credit record
we may even have a provisional offer waiting for you.

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Upgrade your card

To upgrade your card call us on
0861 114 411

Cellphone icon
Increase/decrease your limit

To apply for a limit increase please visit Absa Online Banking, apply on the Absa App or visit your nearest branch.

To apply for a limit decrease call the number on the back of your card.

Need more help?

Let one of our call centre agents help you get the best account for your needs.

Apply online 24/7 or call:

0861 114 411

Weekdays 08:00 - 17:30
Saturday 08:00-13:00

General card support:

Call us on 0861 462 273
International +27 11 354 4001

Monday – Sunday
07:00 – 19:00    

Visit your nearest branch

Premium Banking

Call us on 0860 109 085
International: +27 11 501 5006

Private Banking (24/7)

Call us on 0860 553 553
International: +2711 501 5011

For lost and stolen cards (24/7)

Call us on 0800 111 155 | Absa App

For application status updates

Call us on 0861 114 411