Contact us immediately if you think you’ve been targeted

Our security centre consultants are here to help you if there’s any unusual activity on your account.

Fraud Hotline
  • 0860 557 557
  • 011 501 5089
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Block your card

You can block your cards on the Absa Banking App or online banking when you loose them.

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3D Secure call centre

011 354 4058

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Report phishing emails

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Latest scams – here’s what you need to know

419 scam
SIM swap scam

How to stay secure

#ProtectYourKeysToTheSafe Banking is safer with these precautions 

Chip and PIN card 

  • Your card comes with a microchip that contains information about you and is impossible to counterfeit.
  • You have three chances to enter your PIN and verify your transaction.
  • After the third attempt, your card will be locked and you will need to go to the branch


Our ATM security feature allows your card to go into the slot slowly to stop criminals from inserting other objects into machine.

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Voice biometrics 

Your voice can never be copied, which is why we are implementing a biometric system in our telephone dealings with our customers.


DebiCheck is a verification system that gives you control of your debit orders.

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Online security measures 

  • Use the on-screen keypad when entering your password
  • You will receive an SMS every time you logon
  • Online customers can download the free antivirus software
  • You have a personalised message when you logon.

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Banking App

  • Verify your transactions on the Banking App
  •  Stop and replace cards
  • We now offer you a free Digital Fraud Warranty that covers all digital transactions

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How we keep your money safe


App verifications


SMS alerts


Advanced encryption and fireswall


3D Secure


Need more help?

Please get in touch with us:

Fraud Hotline

0860 557  557

+27 (0) 11 501 5089

3D Secure Call Centre

+27 (0) 11 354 4058