Eco Home Loan discounts and more


Eco Home Loan Concession

Get a rate concession of -0.25% on your variable interest rate on your home loan.*


Our Eco Home Loan Rebate

Qualify for a rebate of up to 3% 
(up to R55 000) of your loan amount. 


Preliminary stage

 1.5% of your loan will be paid once the development has reached the initial stage of the certification process.


Final stage

1.5% of your rebate will be paid once the development has reached the final stage.*

South Africa’s first Eco Home Loan

Absa leads the South African bond market as the first bank to offer an Eco Home Loan in partnership with Balwin Properties.

  • What is an Eco Loan

    The Absa Eco Home Loan is designed for customers who choose environmentally friendly homes. This product not only aligns with our commitment to sustainability but also provides a compelling incentive for customers to embrace environmentally friendly residential developments.


    Customers who purchase their properties in Absa approved EDGE Certified developments will enjoy an Eco Home Loan concession of -0.25% on their variable interest rate and up to 3% of the loan amount paid into their home loan account.  

    Terms and Conditions apply*

  • Who can apply

    Environmentally conscious individuals who are:

    • First time home buyers
    • Young professionals
    • Repeat buyers
    • Investors
    • New to bank customers


    • Great Escape (Switching)
    • Group Scheme Applications where Group Scheme Conditional Concession Rewards are availed
    • Building Loans from a non-Absa approved Developer/Residential Property Development
    • Further advances, where the Eco home loan concession has been previously granted
    • Resale of a property from one owner to another ( not purchased directly from the developer)
  • How to apply

    1. Before you apply, see how much you can afford with our Home loans calculator.
    2. Choose a unit in our Eco Home Loan developments.
    3. Contact the developer directly.
    4. Complete an Offer to Purchase.
    5. The developer will submit your application to Absa.
    6. On registration get -0.25% concession and 1.5% of the Eco Home Loan rebate. 

Disclaimer: These are illustrative values based on a home loan of R1 000 000, with an interest rate of 11.50% (prime rate minus 25bps). In this illustration the rebate of 1.5% was discounted at commencement of the loan and a further 1.5% discounted at 36 months, accumulating to a total rebate of 3%. Other charges are such as initiations fees, service fees and insurance are excluded over the loan term.

Absa-approved Eco Home Loan developments

Below is the list of EDGE-certified Balwin developments approved by Absa

 Cape Town Durban Johannesburg Pretoria
De Aan Zicht Izinga Eco Estate Green Park Green Creek
De Kuile Ballito Hills Greenlee Greenkloof
Greenbay   Munyaka Mooikloof Eco Estate
The Fynbos   Thaba Eco Village The Blyde
The Huntsman   The Polo Fields  
    The Reid  
    The Whisken  


Below is the list of EDGE-certified Cosmopolitan developments approved by Absa

Johannesburg Pretoria
Leopards Rest Bergvallei
Sky City  
Milano Security Estate  


Below is the list of EDGE-certified Cloetesdal developments approved by Absa 

Cape Town


Below is the list of EDGE-certified Leogem Property Projects approved by Absa

The Lincoln
The Mallard


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