Whether you’re an existing or new Absa business customer, you can switch your debit orders online - or simply download and complete a form.

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How to switch your debit orders

What you need to know
What you need to know
  • Once you have opened a Business Transactional Account and you’re ready to switch, we can complete the Debit Order Switching Request form for you. Alternatively, you can do this process yourself by downloading and emailing your fully completed form to switching@absa.co.za
  • Once your request has been received, the Switching Department will:
    1. Send progress notifications to the preferred method advised by the customer
    2. Send instructions submitted to the service provider with follow ups until all instructions to switch are finalised
    3. Notify you should there be issues experienced on instructions sent to your Service Providers
  • To avoid any disappointments, it is imperative to note the following:
    • Please refer to the list of service providers that do not permit Absa to facilitate switching on behalf of customers
    • Some service providers can take up to four weeks to complete a switching process after an instruction has been sent by Absa
    • Due to banking regulations, Absa is not responsible to close the old account held at another bank
    • There are some service providers that need more information to switch. To ensure that you remain updated, Absa will inform you immediately to obtain the required detail until the switching process is completed
  • Should there be outstanding debit orders not successfully switched within four weeks, a detailed report will be sent to the contact person via email

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