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  • Benefits of a Cash Invest Tracker

    • A capital guaranteed investment
    • The interest rate will be linked to the Prime Lending rates, meaning that the rate is linked to South Africa's prime lending rate
    • No commission fee applies for Cash Invest Tracker accounts open on Absa channels
    • You could move up a Rewards tier by maintaining a minimum combined investment balance of R5000 and having a recurring monthly payment equal to or greater than R250, earning you cash back
  • What you need to know

    • You need an initial deposit of R2 500 000 to open your account
    • The interest rates will now be Prime Linked

See the interest rates

for our Cash Invest Tracker
Balance Tier
Interest rate
R0.01 - R49 999 999 .99 7.00%
R50 000 000.00 - R9 999 999 999 999.99 7.15%

Last reviewed on 21 March 2020

All interest rates are expressed as a percentage per annum and are indicative rates subject to change.

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