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Banking is not something you usually associate with art - yet, as you walk into the Absa Towers North building in the Johannesburg CBD, you are struck by the sheer volume and potential of the open-plan space that was designed around the art it was created to house.

The major artworks were commissioned while the building was being designed - allowing artists and architects to work together to create a space that accommodated the artworks perfectly. There are a number of artworks that can be seen in these larger spaces, including:

  • A huge colourful marvel by artist, Karel Nel, titled ‘Place of Narture’ hangs in the reception area
  • Five, six-storey tall tuft carpet banners by Norman Catherine - which were woven by hand by rural men
  • An 11-meter tall Walter Oltmann wire sculpture depicting replicas of carved African chairs; weighing half a ton
  • A two-storey tall metal mobile of the old City of Johannesburg shown against the newer, more modern city in perfect balance; created by Lewis Levin, Paul Cawood and Susan Woolf. It moves slowly, making a cycle every 20 minutes
Back To Top Absa Art Gallery Schedule for 2015
2 February Absa Gallery Exhibition: Review – Group exhibition by a number of artists (with work sold via silent auction) – opening of exhibition (runs until 27 February 2015)
18 March Absa Gallery Exhibition: Absa L’Atelier, Johannesburg entries – opening of exhibition (runs until 10 April 2015)
3 April Absa KKNK (Oudtshoorn): Exhibition “30 Years of L’Atelier” – new work by previous winners and Gerard Sekoto winners of the Absa L’Atelier Art Competition (runs until 11 April 2015)
10 May Absa Gallery Exhibition: 30 Years of L’Atelier – new work by previous winners and Gerard Sekoto winners of the Absa L’Atelier Art Competition – opening of exhibition (runs until 29 May 2015)
7 June Absa Galler20 Exhibition: Jaco van Shalkwyk – Absa L’Atelier merit award winner 2013 – opening of exhibition (runs until 26 June 2015)
15 July Absa L’Atelier: Awards evening and announcement of winners – opening of the Absa L’Atelier (runs until 28 August 2015)
6 September Absa Gallery Exhibition: Pauline Gutter - Absa L’Atelier winner 2013 – opening of exhibition (runs until 25 September 2015)
4 October Absa Gallery Exhibition: Alastair Mclachlan – opening of exhibition (runs until 30 October 2015)
8 November Absa Gallery Exhibition: Curated exhibition by Artist Proof Studios – opening of exhibition (runs until 29 January 2016)

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