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Area Physical address Telephone E-mail
Head Office  7th Floor
Barclays Towers West
15 Troye Street
+27 (0) 11 350 4000

Fraud Hotline 

0860 557 557

General Enquiries 

08600 08600 
Action Line
Complaints and dispute resolution

0800 41 41 41 
Lost & Stolen Cards 

+27 (0) 11 501 5050

0800 111 155 
International callers for Digital Banking 

+27 (0) 11 501 5110

Retail International Banking & Online Forex  RIB Service Centre
170 Main Street
0860 151 151 
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Important Contacts

A detailed list of all the contacts you will ever need at Absa

ATM & Branch Locator

To locate an Absa ATM or branch, complete a simple sequence of instructions on your cellphone, and the address of the ATM or branch closest to you will be SMSed to you.

How does the service help?
Enter *120*555# and dial
The Look4it menu is displayed your screen
Select Answer
Type 1 to select the MyNearest option
Select Send
The Locate what? menu is displayed
Select Answer
ATM search:
Type 1 to select an ATM
Branch search:
Type 2 to select Bank Branches
Select Send
The ATM/Bank Branches menu is displayed
Select Answer
Type 1 to select Absa
How would you like to receive results?
option is displayed
Select Answer
Choose an option
Select Send
The address of the nearest Absa ATM/Branch will be displayed on your cellphone screen

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