Whether you want to buy, build or invest in property, we’re here to help you own your dream home and make the best financial decision.

What do you need a loan for?

We can help you buy the home you’ve always wanted

Absa Home Loan
Get started

Not sure how to go about buying your dream home? Find out what happens at each step of the process.

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Calculate what you can afford?

Know all the costs involved when buying your home, how much you can afford and your monthly repayments.

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Find your dream home

Download the Absa Homeowner’s App to your smartphone or iPad and make finding that perfect property a pleasure.

Absa Homeowner’s App

Get insured and live peacefully  

When the unexpected happens, we have you covered. Insure your home and household contents at a competitive premium with our Homeowners Insurance.

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Track your application

Once you've completed your Absa home loan application, you can keep track of its progress through our simple and convenient online tool.

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Credit rating tips

Having a good credit rating can benefit you when you decide to buy a home. Manage your credit score by paying your accounts on time.

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What type of buyer are you?

  • First-time buyer

    Buying a home for the first time is a big investment decision, but if you buy wisely, it can be a rewarding decision. We’re here to help you make the best decision and guide you home.

    Did you know?

    A deposit can benefit you when apply for Home Loan Finance. Tell me more
    To have a good credit rating can benefit you when you decide to buy a home. Tell me more

    MyHome Home Loan
    • Up to 100% bond financing with MyHome. 
    • Get free and compulsory home loan training.
    • Choose flexible repayment terms of up to 30 years.
    • Choose Protector Policy and pay off your home loan in the event of death.

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    Absa Home Loan
    • For an existing home or property
    • Fixed and variable rates to help you afford your new home
    • Functionality to help you structure your home loan and access equity in the future

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    Private Bank Home Loan
    • Access all the great benefits of our Absa Home Loan plus more…
    • Expert advice and support from a dedicated Private Banker and Home Loan specialist
    • Bespoke features tailored to your specific needs. E.g. MultiPlan, Flexi-Reserve, Future Bond etc.

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    Family Springboard
    • Get up to 100% home loan
    • Ask a family member or a friend to provide security through an Absa Fixed Deposit
    • Absa covers 30% of the attorney bond costs (maximum R4 200)

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  • Buying another home

    You want to buy another home and want a home loan that will suit your needs, and benefit from competitive interest rate options and flexible repayment terms. You have special needs; and want to get rewarded for being an Absa customer, or want to use existing rental income towards your Home Loan application affordability assessment.

    MyHome Home Loan
    • Up to 100% bond financing with MyHome. 
    • Get free and compulsory home loan training.
    • Choose flexible repayment terms of up to 30 years.
    • Choose Protector Policy and pay off your home loan in the event of death.

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    Absa Home Loan
    • For an existing home or property
    • Fixed and variable rates to help you afford your new home
    • Functionality to help you structure your home loan and access equity in the future

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    Private Bank Home Loan
    • Expert advice and support from a dedicated private banker
    • Link multiple loan accounts to one credit facility with MultiPlan

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  • Buying to invest

    If you want to invest in residential property, we’re here to help as your property investment partner. You can benefit from a range of specialist products, features and advice that support your ambitions.

    Absa Home Loan
    • For an existing home or property
    • Fixed and variable rates to help you afford your new home
    • Functionality to help you structure your home loan and access equity in the future

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    Buy-to-Let Home
    • The ideal option if you want to invest in residential property to rent out
    • Rental income is taken into account for consideration towards qualifying for the home loan
    • No minimum income criteria - assessment is based on your ability to afford the loan repayments

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    Apply now

    • For international clients that want to invest in South African residential property
    • Access to professional guidance and assistance

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    Private Banking Universal Solution
    • Uniquely designed to offer you one all-inclusive financial solution
    • Facilitates the acquisition and financing of multiple assets under one credit agreement
    • Easily customisable into separate loan accounts to suit your specific needs
    • Expert advice and support from a dedicated Private Banker

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    Private Bank
    Home Loan
    • Expert advice and support from a dedicated private banker
    • Link multiple loan accounts to one credit facility with MultiPlan

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Here’s how we can help you build your dream home

Buying A Home
Build your home

Building your future starts with a plan. Follow the builder’s guide process towards building your dream home.

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Calculate your costs

Use our calculator to check the costs involved when you build your home.


Find a builder

Get a registered builder with the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) for the best result.

Find a registered builder

Start your application

Apply now and we’ll guide you through the process.

Find a registered builder

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Track your application

Start tracking your application using our simple and convenient online tool.

Track your application

Where to start when building a home:

  • How to choose a contractor

    Getting a certified contractor

    To get the best result for your home, use a credible and certified contractor who is registered with the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC). Ask to see homes that they have built before and if possible speak to owners who have used the contractor.

    • Your contractors need to be NHBRC registered for you to benefit from the NHBRC warranty and insurance benefits and for Absa to finance your building project
    • The NHBRC regulates home building and any person in the home building industry must register with them
    • The NHBRC investigates complaints about major flaws in a building. If the contractor can’t meet the NHBRC’s standards, the NHBRC can employ another contractor to fulfil the requirements
    • You have to pay 1.3% of the total building contract price to the NHBRC. They will then help you to assess whether the contractor complies with the obligations under the contract
    • You will receive the standard home builder’s warranty
  • Need an approved plan

    Visit your nearest municipality  and get an  approved building plan before we can assess your building progress and release the first payment.

    This is what we’ll need from you:
    • Proof that you have bought the land where your dream home will be built
    • Quotes from your contractor to build your dream
    • A copy of an approved building plan by municipality to help you get you build your home
  • Getting insurance for contractors and builders

    Get insurance for builders and contractors

    When choosing a contractor ensure that they have builder’s all risk insurance policy. This insures building material on site against unexpected damages and loss while building is in progress. Once the final payment is made and you have moved in, we can help with a homeowner’s insurance

    To help you build your home:
    • You will need up to 40% of the total purchase price as a deposit. 
    • The loan term is normally a maximum of up to 60 months.
    • The land must be within a proclaimed suburb - the local authority formally gives an area suburb status and provides essential services.
    • If the land is not in a proclaimed suburb, be very careful – it may never be proclaimed or it may take years to finalise.  
    Know what you pay for when you take out a building loan there are a few extra costs, including:
    • Architect fees for drawing up the plans
    • A fee for getting the plan approved by the municipality
    • Local authority rates and taxes, which must be paid during the building period, even if no-one is living on the property
    What you need to know about interim interest

    Interest is charged on your loan balance from the date of your first home loan payment to the date of your final progress payment. After this date normal home loan repayments kick in.

Here’s how we can help you manage your home

Manage my home loan
Manage your home loan digitally

To manage your home loan account anywhere, anytime? Use Absa Online and mobile banking, as well as receiving quarterly eStatements by email.

Access extra funds

If you have paid extra funds into your home loan, you can access these, whenever you need it with FlexiReserve.

Facing financial difficulty

Access our debt counseling service to help you manage your finances and increase your credit rating or help you sell your home and avoid sinking into deeper financial difficulty.

Save money on your current loan

  • Manage your home loan digitally

    If you like 24/7 convenience and easy access, then simply register for online banking and sign-up for our online channels such as Absa Online, eStatements and self-service telephone banking to access and manage your home loan account.

    Absa Online

    Conveniently view and transact on your home loan account.


    If you want to save time, money and the environment.


    To access your home loan account 24-hour self-service from any phone, any where.

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  • Accessing extra funds

    It could be for that home renovation you’re planning, or perhaps for your daughter’s study fees. Let us help you leverage your home loan when you require extra funds:

    Access your extra payments - FlexiReserve

    You deposit extra funds into your Absa Home Loan, over and above your regular monthly repayments either as a lump sum payment, or as and when you need it - you will benefit from reduced interest you pay on your home loan account. But did you know that you could withdraw that extra money whenever you need it?

    With FlexiReserve you can:

    • Save on interest on your Home Loan in the long term.
    • Withdraw the extra funds at any time in a lump sum or as and when you need it.
    • Use your money for expenses or anything you need.


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    Access funds you have paid - ReAdvance

    Whatever your need, you could take your existing home loan back up to its original loan granted amount with a ReAdvance. Because you’re not increasing the original loan amount granted, you won’t be required to register any further bonds over the property. ReAdvance funds can be used for any purpose, from home improvements and education to dream holidays. This is convenient and low cost finance especially when structured on MultiPlan to suit your needs.

    With ReAdvance you can:

    • Apply to take up the difference between the outstanding balance on your home loan and the original loan amount granted.
    • Access your funds at the home loan interest rate, which is lower than other lending products, such as a personal loan.
    • You do not need to register another bond with ReAdvance and there are no attorney fees.


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    Increase your home loan - Further Advance

    As the value of your property increases over time, you can access the increased equity by taking up a Further Advance. With Further Advance, there will be attorney costs and bond registration costs to register the bond as security to cover the increased loan amount.

    With Further Advance you can:

    • Apply to increase your loan by the difference between the original loan granted and the current value of your home (credit lending rules apply). Use the extra money on your home loan for anything you need, such as building an extension to your home, child’s education, etc.
    • You will need to register a further bond with a Further Advance, which means there will be attorney and bond registration costs.
    • This is convenient and low cost finance especially when structured on MultiPlan to suit your needs.


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    Structure your home loan - MultiPlan

    With MultiPlan you can structure your home loan into multiple loans to suit your individual needs, each with its own designation, for example, home improvements, second-hand car, furniture or education expenses. TThis option allows you to pay off different expenses over different periods, and save on interest.

    MultiPlan will help you to:
    • Split your Home Loan into separate variable and fixed rate portions to hedge yourself against increasing interest rates.
    • Split a joint bond into separate account for all account holders to manage their own portion.
    • Remember, all joint bond account holders remain jointly and severally liable for the entire bond.
    • Provide you a flexible and inexpensive money management capability with separate account numbers and statements for different loan purposes, eg. House Renovation, Children’s University Fees, etc.
    • Apply for your Home Loan or when increasing your existing home loan via a Further Advance, or a Re Advance.

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  • Choose suitable rate options

    Repayment term

    One of the most important decisions you will make about your home loan is the repayment period. The quicker you pay off your home loan debt, the less interest you will pay. However, the shorter your home loan repayment period, the higher your monthly repayments will be.

    How it works
    • On applying for your home loan you may indicate the desired repayment term.
    • Absa offers home loan repayment terms of up to a maximum of 30 years.
    • To save on interest repayments, you need to repay your Home Loan in the shortest possible period.
    • You can reduce your outstanding term by paying in additional monies into your home loan account, repaying it sooner than the original intended term.

    Once you’ve taken out your initial home loan for the repayment term that you can afford, you should review your bond arrangements often. Aim to shorten your repayment period at a future date, as this will save you interest.

    Fixed interest rate

    Your home loan will most probably be the largest household expense you have. Applying for a Fixed Rate after you have registered your home loan, fixes the monthly loan payment for a period of 12 months and up to 5 years, even if interest rates changes. This will assist on your monthly budgeting an cashflow.

    You can:

    Now fix your interest rate on your Absa home loan for a specified period of time from 12 months to 5 years. This would bring the certainty of knowing exactly what your home loan repayments are every month and your home loan interest rate stays the same for a specified period, regardless of whether the home loan rate rises or falls.

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    Variable interest rate

    A variable interest rate is a fluctuating rate linked to the prime lending rate, as set by Absa from time to time. If interest rates change, so do your monthly repayments. By default, your Absa home loan will have a variable interest rate.

    Choosing a variable interest rate is a good option if you think interest rates will be dropping in the short to medium term.

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  • Are you facing financially difficulty?

    Our financial advice
    Get financially fit

    Take control of your finances now! If you are able to reduce your spending, you may be able to have more money available at the end of each month. Whether you actually decide to sell your house, pay off your debt quicker or reduce the amount of actual spending each month, we have the information and financial options to set you on the right path.

    Manage your Debt

    If your debt is beginning to take control of your life, speak to us first. We have the ability to provide advice on how to effectively manage your debt.

    Debt Counseling

    Consumers are advised to seek help during these tough economic times, instead of rushing to apply for more credit in order to pay off their debts.

    Absa Solutions Account

    If you find yourself under debt review, our Solutions Account has been designed to help you manage your finances better, especially your everyday banking.

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  • Let us HelpUSell

    Are you looking to sell your property?

    Absa HelpUSell is available to you and has been designed to offer a solution to clients who are financially distressed, are in arrears, or are under Debt Counseling and unable to meet their monthly obligations and wish to dispose of their property to alleviate their overall debt exposure.

    The Absa HelpUSell option may assist in reducing the accumulation of excessive rates, taxes and levies by achieving a quicker sale.

    With HelpUSell you can:
    • Reduce excessive rates
    • Qualify for 50% discount
    • Authorised estate agents
    • Write off up to 50% shortfall

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Property Research

We aim to provide you with timeous and well-researched support and information regarding the residential property market.

Switch your home loan to Absa and save with the Great Escape

Switch to Absa

You could save thousands by switching your home loan to Absa and accessing the equity that you have built up in your home over the years. Let’s help you re-evaluate your existing home loan and help you make that great escape.

Why switch to Absa?

We can save you money and help you to access equity in your home.

Save on your switching costs

Receive a 30% discount on your Attorney Bond Registration costs.

Terms and conditions apply*

How to switch?

Simply call us on 0860 111 007 or apply online or at your nearest Absa branch.

What to expect when you switch

What you get when you switch
  • Zero initiation fee, so you save R6 037.50.*
  • A negotiated discount of 30% on Absa Panel Attorney bond registration costs (VAT incl.).*
  • Over and above this great 30% discount we’ll cover an additional maximum of up to R30 000 (VAT incl.) of the bond registration costs based on the loan amount approved and paid out.*
  • Taking up a home loan is a significant milestone in your life. 
  • We will provide a financial planning consultation with a qualified adviser to consider the following: a Will, a life policy, retirement planning and other options. Send an email to virtualadvisor@absa.co.za and an adviser will call you.*
  • Absa Rewards clients earn real Cash Rewards (the more products the customer holds, the higher the earn ratio) every time they swipe their Absa Debit, Cheque or Credit Card.*
  • The Great Escape proposition applies to existing and non-Absa clients that apply to switch a minimum approved home loan of R500 000.00 (five hundred thousand rands).

Terms and conditions apply*

Features when you switch

The loan can be structured up to a maximum term of 30 years. The term may be changed at any time at no additional cost. (If the change results in an increase in your repayment, additional information may be requested in order to confirm your affordability).

  • Choose the interest rate option that gives you the repayment structure you prefer - fixed or variable. Note: Fixed rates are only available after registration.
  • You can have electronic access to your Home Loan via Absa Internet Banking and Telephone Banking, if you have an Absa transactional account.
  • Additional deposits can be made at any stage, which will immediately reduce your interest cost. To access any advanced payments you pay over and above your monthly instalment, you will need to activate the FlexiReserve option on your account.
  • The monthly repayment of your loan takes place via a due-amount debit order. This facility saves you the trouble of going into the branch to amend the existing repayment amount where there is a change in the Mortgage Lending rate.
  • You can register a larger bond than the amount of the loan granted, which will reduce the cost and time when increasing your loan in future (via a Further Advance).
  • Further Advance: Further loan amounts may be applied for as soon as your property value increases sufficiently or when you want to extend/improve your property.
  • In aid of the environment and to ensure a safe and easy statement delivery to you, we also offer eStatements. No additional cost for this service and you may switch back to physical mail delivery at any time.


How it works

Your home loan account at the other bank will be cancelled and the outstanding amount will be taken over by Absa if your application to switch passes our credit assessment criteria. Monthly repayments are calculated to pay the loan plus the interest over the agreed term of the loan, normally 20 years but up to a maximum of 30 years.

The monthly repayment will also include:

  • The monthly service fee
  • A premium for Homeowner’s Comprehensive Insurance (HOC), if Absa’s HOC is used
  • A premium for an Absa Life policy if you decide to take up life cover with Absa

The monthly repayment must be paid into the loan account on the required date stated in the mortgage loan agreement so that your home loan does not fall into arrears.

What you will need
  • Fully completed home loan application form
  • Copy of valid South African identity
  • Latest payslip
  • 6 (six) latest consecutive month’s home loan statements showing all transactions at the other bank
  • A Document Exchange Association consent that allows us to obtain your transactional banking statements on your behalf (for Standard Bank and Nedbank customers) or
  • 3 (three) latest consecutive month’s transactional banking statements of the bank account into which your net salary, inclusive of commissions and overtime, is deposited
  • For variable income – commission, overtime and rental income, 6 months’ payslips to be provided..

*Terms and conditions apply.

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