Small and Medium Enterprises

Bespoke business transactional accounts that ideally suit businesses with an annual turnover of up to R20 million.

Business Evolve Lite
Business Evolve Lite
Monthly account fee
Account type
Bundle package
Zero monthly fees for 6 months and get unlimited internal transfers, debit orders, etc.
Business Evolve Start
Business Evolve Lite
Monthly account fee
Account type
Bundle package
50 free transactions, fixed fees and more to help streamline your cashflow.
Business Evolve PAYT
Business Evolve PAYT
Monthly account fee
Account type
Pay as you transact
Save on costs and bank on your terms with tiered pricing.

Banking solutions for your business

Commercial Banking

Accounts for businesses with an annual turnover greater than R20 million.

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Islamic Banking

Shari'ah compliant business account tailored for all your needs.

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Attorney Trust

Earn interest, hold and transfer funds hassle free on behalf of your clients.

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Trust Account

Your funds and assets are safe with us if you're a Registered or Legal Trust.

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Credit Card

Manage you spend with our corporate and business credit cards.

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Absa Business She Thrives

Your business is our business, every step of the way.

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Emerging Entrepreneur

Your business as usual gets more than banking as usual.

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Business Evolve FAQs

  • Opening an account

    How do I open an Absa business account?

    • If you are a sole trader or proprietor, you can apply online or via your banker.

    • For entities with 4 or more directors, speak to your banker or visit your nearest branch.

    How do I know that my application was received?

    • We will send you a reference number for your application via SMS and email.
    • If your application is incomplete, we will send a message to complete your application online.
  • Account types and costs

    What type of business accounts are available?

    • We offer you 3 options:

      • Business Evolve Account

      • Business Evolve Islamic Account

      • Business Evolve Franchise Account

    What are the costs and qualifying criteria for Business Evolve?

    • Business Evolve Lite - R0

    • Business Evolve Start - R300

    • Business Evolve PAYT - R95
  • Qualifying criteria

    Who can apply for a business account online?

    • Business Evolve Core – Sole proprietors with an annual turnover of up to R5 million.
    • Business Evolve Lite, Business Evolve Ignite, Business Evolve PAYT, Business Evolve Start, Business Evolve Grow and Business Evolve Excel – any business entity seeking a business account. However, only one person, normally the main applicant, can apply provided they have the mandate to act on behalf of that entity.

    What are the requirements to open a non-profit organisation (NPO) account?

    • Name and purpose of the organisation. Names of all members of the organisation [if applicable, sometimes the non-profit organisation (NPO) can be just one person]. South African identity documents or passports of related parties (for example, directors).Company registration documents. Proof of your business’s physical address.Company mandate or resolution document (if there are multiple directors).
  • Using your account

    How do I activate my business account?

    • The account is activated as soon as a deposit is made into your account. The account must be activated with a deposit within seven working days from the date the account was opened, or else the account will close systematically. The account cannot be reopened or used once the account is systematically closed.

    What is the minimum opening balance for an Absa business account?

    • There is no minimum amount. The account is activated as soon as any amount is deposited into your account.

    What is the minimum opening balance for an Absa Liquidity Plus account?

    • There is no minimum amount. The account is activated as soon as any amount is deposited into your account.

    Can business accounts be used for forex trading?

    • Yes, you can use your business account to trade in forex.
  • Who can I contact?

    Who can I contact if I want to check my business account application status?

    • Call the Absa contact number provided in the communication sent to you or call us on
      0800 227 592
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