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Absa Visa Gold Card
Enjoy 6 free Take Me Home services per year
Access to Absa Dining

Get up to R100 off a second main meal at partner restaurants.

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Get extra money
An overdraft is money when you need it most

With an overdraft the money you need will always be there, whether it’s for a sudden unforeseen cost or that special something you always promised yourself.

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Get cash in your pocket
Get cash in your pocket

Turn your Absa card into a cash-generating tool with cash rewards.

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Get free R15 000 lump sum death benefit
Get free R20 000 lump sum death benefit

Get a free lump sum death benefit that is also available to your spouse.

How to get it and what you can expect

To open a Gold account you will need
To open a Gold Value Bundle account you will need
  • To earn a minimum income of R10 000 per month
  • A valid, bar-coded South African identity document or a valid passport
  • Proof of residence 
  • Your latest salary advice
Payment options
Payment options

Value Bundle

Get a range of unlimited, free transactions, plus other benefits, all for a fixed monthly fee of R98. This fee includes:

  • Up to 50% discount on your monthly fee if you maintain a positive balance of more than R30 000 in your account for that month
  • 50% off your spouse’s Value Bundle monthly fee
  • 5 free Absa ATM cash withdrawals and 5 free Absa ATM cash deposits
  • Free R20 000 lump sum death benefit
  • Free subscription for Absa Online, Telephone and Cellphone Banking 
  • Unlimited, free debit and cheque card purchases 
  • Unlimited, free cash withdrawals at Point-of-Sale
  • Unlimited, free electronic account payments 
  • Unlimited, free internal and external debit orders 
  • Unlimited, free NotifyMe messages
  • Dine out daily with Absa Dining and get up to R100 off a second main meal at partner restaurants

Read the Absa Dining terms and conditions or FAQs for more information


Our Absa contactless enabled debit cards allow you to make payments of R200 or less with a simple tap against a contactless enabled Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal. You can make contactless purchases at any participating retail outlet, take a ride using a participating transport operator and use your card to pay for the fare.

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How to use a Gold account to transact
How to use a Gold Value Bundle account to transact
  • You get a Gold Absa debit chip card with a unique PIN (Personal Identification Number) for added security 
  • Swipe your card locally and internationally at point of sale (POS)
  • Shop in-store or online with your debit card 
  • Use it for your daily banking needs to pay your accounts, see your balance and statement, withdraw, deposit and transfer money at ATMs, Absa branches or using electronic banking 
  • Instantly set limits to pay beneficiaries 
  • You can buy pre-paid airtime or electricity 
  • Add Absa Rewards and you’ll earn Cash Rewards on all qualifying transactions every time you swipe your debit card
  • Your transaction charges are reduced if you use channels such as ATM, Absa Online, Telephone Banking, Cellphone Banking and point-of-sale (POS)
  • Set up debit orders, stop orders and scheduled payments
  • Send cash to a loved one using CashSend, even if they don’t have a bank account - they can simply withdraw it from selected Absa ATMs
  • Securely shop online using Authenticated Mobile Transaction
  • Shop securely online with One-Time PIN transaction verification 
  • Get 24/7 access to the largest ATM network in South Africa
  • Manage your account online
    • Visit and register Absa Online
    • Instantly set limits to pay beneficiaries
    • Reset a locked or forgotten online password
    • Retrieve your debit card PIN online
    • Make immediate interbank payments online

Safety tips on how to use an account card

  • Keep your card safe and be sure to memorise the PIN
  • Never keep the PIN with the card and never give your PIN to anyone
  • You can change your PIN at any Absa ATM or Absa branch
  • Never let the card out of your sight when using it to pay for goods or services at a till point
  • Make sure that you receive your card back after every purchase
  • Keep your copy of the receipt as proof of purchase for your own records
  • Never trust strangers or ask them to help you when you use your card at an ATM

You can apply for an overdraft facility or ATM Instant Loan, subject to credit assessment.

Master wallet
The Absa MasterPass wallet

Make shopping quick and easy with the MasterPass App

Today’s digital world allows you to do business on the go with the Absa MasterPass™ App. This digital payment application makes shopping faster, easier and more convenient. It’s easy – just download the MasterPass App, register and shop away.

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