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  • Absa Virtual Investor Terms and Conditions

    Notwithstanding Clause 3 of the Absa Bank Limited Terms of Use, this is a limited automated advisory service that is performed in the absence of a detailed and complete financial needs analysis by Absa Insurance and Financial Advisers

    A holistic financial plan (that takes into account their entire asset/income/expense base) will not be conducted via the Absa Virtual Investor tool as the Absa Virtual Investor tool is designed to address a single specific need.

    The Absa Virtual Investor tool is unable to conduct a full and detailed needs analysis hence there may be limitations on the appropriateness of the advice provided.

    It is highly recommended that the client take particular care to consider on their own whether the advice is appropriate considering the client’s goals, financial situation and particular needs.

    In the instance that the client prefers that a detailed needs analysis be conducted, that the client contact a representative of Absa Insurance and Financial Advisers (AIFA) for further assistance.

    Whilst products from external product suppliers (external to the Barclays Africa Group Limited) can be accessed via AIFA, the products recommended through Absa Virtual Investor are limited to the Absa "Fund Managers" product range only.

    In the instance that the client prefers a product from a product supplier external to the Barclays Africa Group Limited and which product supplier AIFA is contracted to distribute, that the client contacts an AIFA adviser for more assistance.

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Let us explain

It’s no secret that it takes money to make money. But in doing so, you have to put your money at risk. The higher the risk though, the more your potential for earnings or loss. So how willing are you to put your money on the line?

, how willing are you to take financial risks?




Please select an option

Let us explain

The very definition of risk means that there's a possibility of something going wrong. How well do you deal with situations when things take a turn for the worse? Do you panic, or do you take it in your stride?

How easily do you adapt when things go wrong financially?

Very difficult

Reasonably difficult

Reasonably well

No problem

Please select an option

Let us explain

Everyone perceives financial risk differently. Some see it is a glass half full whilst others see it as a glass half empty. Emotionally, where do you see yourself?

When you think of the word "risk" in a financial context, which of the following words comes to mind first?





Please select an option

Let us explain

Investments are essentially a means of wealth creation. However, some individuals invest just for the sake of testing what sort of returns they will get – either they can afford the losses or they simply enjoy the thrill of putting their money at risk for uncertain returns. Have you ever made an investment just to see what happens?

Have you ever invested a large sum in a risky investment mainly for the thrill of seeing its return?

That's crazy!

Yes, but rarely



I love risk

Please select an option

Let us explain

There are three possible outcomes to any investment: you either make a profit, lose some money or your money remains unchanged. So when deciding to invest - do you focus on the possibility of losing your money or on the possibility of making fa return?

When faced with a major financial decision, are you more concerned about the possible losses or the possible gains?

Always the losses

Usually the losses

Usually the gains

Always the gains

Please select an option

Let us explain

Every investment comes with the possibility of a loss, that's why we mention risk so often. But what level of risk are you willing to accept? How much of a chance are you willing to take? In other words, what is your risk appetite?

What degree of risk are you currently prepared to take with your financial decisions?

Very small




Very large

Please select an option

Let us explain

Some investments are no-brainers, but you might not always have money lying around. Have you ever been so confident in an opportunity that you were willing to use someone else's money to invest in it?

Have you ever borrowed money just to invest (other than for your home or a car)?



Please select an option

Let us explain

Suppose you bought shares in a company five years ago based on a hot tip, and the share price plummeted because of bad management. If the potential was still there and said company had new management and a new structure, would you consider investing in them again?

You invested in a highly regarded firm and then, due to mismanagement (on their part) the shares lost value and you sold at a substantial loss. The firm has now been restructured and everyone says it is an excellent investment. Would you buy their shares again?

Definitely not

Probably not

Don't know



Please select an option

Let us explain

When you go into an investment, you need to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. The question is: what is the worst-case scenario for you? At which point will you say 'enough is enough', cut your losses and walk away before you lose any more money?

All investments will go up and down in value over time. By how much could the total value of all your investments drop before you would start feeling uncomfortable?

Any loss





More than 50%

Please select an option

Let us explain

Bigger risks usually end in bigger returns, but you also stand to make a bigger loss if something goes wrong. And while small risks are safer, they give you smaller returns on your investment. With that in mind, which of these portfolios reflect your approach? The mix of HIGH/MED./LOW risk investments in a portfolio are represented by 7 options:
0/0/100, 0/30/70, 10/40/50, 30/40/30, 50/40/10, 70/30/10, 100/0/0

Most investment portfolios have a mix of investments – some investments have high expected returns but with high risk, some have medium expected returns and medium risk and some are low return and low risk. Which mix of investments are you most comfortable with?

Low Risk. Low Return.

Medium Risk. Medium Return.

High Risk. High Return.

Please select an option

Let us explain

With some types of investment e.g. cash and bank deposits, the value of the investment is fixed but inflation will cause it’s purchasing power to decrease. With other types of investment e.g. shares and property, the value of the investment will vary – over the long term though, shares and property could beat inflation. So what is important to you: an investment where the value does not fall or one where the purchasing power does not fall?

What is most important to you: retaining an investment’s purchasing power or keeping its value from falling?

The value must not fall

The value should remain stable

The value can fall slightly

Purchasing power is important

Please select an option

Let us explain

Think of the average rate of return you would expect to earn on an investment portfolio over the next ten years. How does this compare with what you think you would earn if you invested the money in bank deposits?

How much growth do you expect your investments to make in a year?

7% (The same)





More than 21%

Please select an option

Let us explain

How many years would you like to invest your money for.

How long do you want to invest for?

1-2 years

3-5 years

6-10 years

11-15 years

More than 15 years

Please select an option

Let us explain

Risk Capacity: Your ability to tolerate a negative financial event without it derailing your investment goals.

Last step! At the end of your investment period, to what extent could you afford to lose money on your investment?

No loss




Please select an option

Your Risk Score


, you fall in the Average Risk group.

Your Risk Capacity


Your Time Horizon


Your Experience


We suggest you invest in the

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Dolor ducimus id maiores nam praesentium. Placeat.

, do you agree with our description of your risk tolerance and the product that we have suggested for you? (don’t worry you are not committing to anything - by law we need to ask you this)



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