Saving to invest with a group of people is easy with the Investment Club Account. It is suitable for groups that want to work together to create wealth and the value-added benefits we offer help you get more out of the funds you save together.

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Get up to 5.15% per year for your group savings.

You can get a free annual consultation with a financial adviser.

Applying for an Investment Club Account

Head down to your nearest branch, and take the following documents with you:

  • The IDs of 3 elected group members who will act as signatories
  • Proof of residence for 3 members (not older than 3 months)
Features of the Investment Club Account
  • All you need is an initial deposit of R5 000 to open your account.
  • The account requires 3 or more members to save as a group with the purpose to invest.
  • Free NotifyMe alerts can be sent to up to 3 signatories.
  • You pay no monthly management fees.
  • The group benefits for the Investment Club Account are not for individual use.
  • Tiered interest rate, the higher your balance the higher interest you earn
  • One free annual appointment with an Absa financial adviser for your group*
  • Invites to Absa Stockbroking events specifically positioned for investment clubs who want to diversify their investments*
  • Access to Absa Business Banking services should you want to register your club as a business

* - A balance of R100 000 must be maintained in the account in order to quality for these value-added services.

See our interest rates

for Absa Investment Club Account
Balance Tier Investment Club
R0.01 - R4999 0.00%
R5 000 - R9 999 3.00%
R10 000 - R24 999 3.25%
R25 000 - R49 999 3.35%
R50 000 - R99 999 4.10%
R100 000 - R9 999 999 999 999.99 4.90%

Last reviewed 1 November 2017

All interest rates are expressed as a percentage per annum and are indicative rates subject to change.

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