There are a number of investment options available – including unit trusts and exchange traded funds (ETFs). No matter what the investment type you choose, or the return you receive, you will benefit from the tax-free allowance.

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Investment flexibility

Choose from a wide range of tax-free products with various investment terms and risk profiles.

All returns are tax free

You may invest R33 000 per tax year and R500 000 over your lifetime in a tax-free investment account.

Lower fee structure

The fee structure is low compared to other investment products.

Applying for a Tax-Free Investment Account
Apply for a tax-free investment account online.

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Advantages of a Tax-Free Investment Account
Advantages of a Tax-Free Investment Account
  • You can have more than one tax-free account at any time – as long as you don’t exceed the annual allowance of R33 000.
  • Tax-free investments can grow faster than a regular investment as you are not paying tax on your investment return.
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