Maintain your pension or provident fund investment

The Absa Preservation Fund is an ideal way to preserve your investment if you are currently moving from one employer to another, have been retrenched, or are looking for a flexible retirement savings option. This fund gives you increased control over your pension benefits, and allows you to maintain your pension benefits even while in transition.

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Preserve your retirement benefits

While you are moving between employers, or have been retrenched.

Minimum investment amount

R25 000 is the minimum investment amount required for this fund.

Disability and death benefits

Various death and disability benefits are available.

How to get it and what to expect

Applying for the Absa Preservation Fund

You can apply online through the Absa Retirement Annuity Core Portfolio, or speak directly to an adviser. If you are not an Absa customer, registering to become one is quick and easy.

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Features of the Absa Preservation Fund
  • It is a convenient way to maintain your pension benefits while you are moving between employers.
  • You have control over your pension benefits before retirement.
  • There are no penalties related to minimum investment term or contributions.
  • The minimum initial investment is R25 000.
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