This is a low-cost retirement annuity, based on life-stage investing. It is ideal if you do not have a pension or provident fund or you want to top up your fund.

Lower fees

You pay annual fees that are below the industry average.

Simple and convenient investment

The investment risk automatically reduces each year as you approach retirement.

Tax benefits

You may deduct up to 27,5% of your taxable income for contributions to retirement funds per tax year.

  • Applying for the Core Retirement Annuity

    You can apply online through the Absa Retirement Annuity Core Portfolio, or speak directly to an adviser. If you are not an Absa customer, registering to become one is quick and easy.

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  • How you benefit

    • Investment costs are low, because the portfolio is made up of low-cost passive investments, such as exchange traded funds and notes.
    • When you are far from retirement, more money is invested in shares, which should give you a higher return.
    • The investment is completely transparent, and you know where your money is invested at all times.
    • You can deduct your contributions for tax. Your return on investment is also tax free, and when you retire, a large portion of your cash sum is available tax free as well.

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