Providing members of pension, provident, or retirement annuity funds with a flexible investment option

The Absa Living Annuity gives you the flexibility to build your post-retirement investment portfolio by reinvesting your accumulated retirement savings to provide you with a retirement income – while aiming for additional long-term investment growth.

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Flexible portfolio and income
Flexible portfolio and income

Choose the portfolio and income requirements that suit your needs.

Tax implications
Tax implications

The annuity payment you receive will be fully taxable as income.

Death benefits of the annuity
Death benefits of the annuity

There are a range of death benefits available for your beneficiaries.

How to get it and what to expect

Applying for the Absa Living Annuity

You can apply online through the Absa Retirement Annuity Core Portfolio, or speak directly to an adviser. If you are not an Absa customer, registering to become one is quick and easy.

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Speak to an adviser on 0860 111 630

Features of the Absa Living Annuity
  • You are able to reinvest your retirement savings and draw a monthly income.
  • You get to choose how your portfolio is constructed, and the income you require.
  • The annuity you receive is taxed as income.
  • There are a range of death benefits available to your beneficiaries – such as continued payment of the annuity, accelerated annuity payment, or a lump-sum payment.
  • The minimum deposit is R50 000.

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