Our business credit cards will help you run and grow your business. We also offer solutions to manage business expenses including Virtual Pay, a card-based solution to control operating costs.

Manage cashflow

Choose the right business credit card

Worldwide acceptance

Our corporate and business cards offer convenience and are accepted worldwide.

Lost Card Protection

As an Absa corporate and business card customer, we offer you free Lost Card Protection.


Data and reporting services

Manage corporate spend better with our comprehensive data and reporting services.

Comprehensive travel insurance

We offer comprehensive travel insurance to cover against any mishaps during your travels abroad.

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Value adds
Value adds

We have great deals and excellent value added services to help you run your business and manage your corporate spend better.

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  • Business cards for everyday business expenses

    Our business cards are accepted worldwide, help you keep track of your everyday business expenses and come with a host of benefits.

    gold debit card
    Visa Corporate and Purchasing Cards

    Our Corporate and Purchasing Cards are accepted worldwide and offer convenience, security and control.

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    gold debit card
    Business Card

    Keep track of your everyday business expenses - whether you're making large payments, small purchases, or paying travel costs.

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    gold debit card
    Business Revolve Credit Card

    Consolidate business expenses and manage everyday banking expenses in a cost-effective way.

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  • Business cards for travelling

    Let’s help you manage your accommodation, fuel and other travel-related expenses
    with our Travel Lodge, Aviation and Garage cards.

    gold debit card
    Travel Lodge Card

    Our Travel Lodge Card helps you manage your travel expenses effectively.

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    gold debit card
    Aviation Card

    Accepted worldwide, our Visa branded Aviation Business Card takes care of all your air travel expenses.

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    gold debit card
    Garage Card

    Our Garage Card is a convenient payment solution for all your fuel, oil and vehicle parts or paying for tollgates and vehicle services expenses.

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  • Virtual Pay

    Controlling operational cost and streamlining administration processes just got a whole lot easier with Virtual Pay. 

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  • Business debit cards

    We offer a range of tailored transactional account options which enable you to make and receive payments through multiple channels that make your banking as hassle-free as possible.

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Tools to help manage business expenses

manage business expenses

Need to rein in run-away business expenditure? We have tools you can use to set your business on the right path.

Virtual payments

Take control with Virtual Pay

Controlling operational costs and streamlining administration processes just got a whole lot easier with Virtual Pay, a cardless payment system at the heart of which is just one single business account.

Be in charge of your travel spend
Be in charge of your travel spend

Gain greater control over your business travel spend.

Improve expense management
Improve expense management

Improve expense processing and accounting.

Improve data capture
Improve data capture

Enhance your data capture and spending controls for corporate travel.

Easy to use
Easy to use

Virtual Pay is easy-to-use and tailor-made for your business.

Virtual Pay helps with corporate travel, procurement and reconciliation

  • Features

    • Integrated solution to access Virtual Card Numbers (VCNs) for travel-related payments from the reservation workflow.
    • Transaction-level spending controls for improved security.
    • Expanded functionality for all travel bookings.
    • Enhanced data capture for easier internal reconciliation and reporting. This data includes:
      • Passenger name, ticket number, issuing carrier, total fare, travel dates, city of origin and destination for airline bookings
      • Traveller name, room rate, room grade, incidentals for hotel bookings
      • Traveller name, car grade for car hire
      • Customer reference fields that provide descriptive billing information
    • Smart integration options for the Travel Management Company to minimize impact on current reservations process.
  • What it costs

  • What you get


    • Enhance your data security, protect your clients from fraud and increase efficiency with virtual card payments.

    Download Virtual Pay for Corporate Supplier Hotels FAQs

    Corporate travel expenses:

    • Control your business travel spend and refine your reporting process with virtual card payments.

    Travel management companies:

    • Refine your bill-back and invoicing process with faster, safer and more efficient payment methods with Virtual Pay.

    Download Virtual Pay for Travel Management Companies FAQs

  • Here's how it works for corporate travel

    Step 1

    Authorised individual or travel agent generates Virtual Credit Number (VCN) for travel itinerary, personalised for each step of the journey.

    Step 2

    Suppliers (airlines, hotels, car rental agencies) receive VCNs.

    Step 3

    Supplier gets paid when traveller initiates that part of the journey (for example, picks up car).

    Step 4

    Reconciliation is simplified as cash management is enhanced.

  • Here’s how it works for procurement and reconciliation

    Step 1

    Authorised individual logs onto the Virtual Pay portal and requests a Virtual Card Number (VCN) for a specific purchase.

    Step 2

    This purchase gets approved by line manager. Their approval causes VCN to be generated and sent to person requiring approval.

    Step 3

    The employee can then make the purchase using the VCN.

    Step 4

    Merchant/vendor processes transaction through 'Card not Present' process.

    Step 5

    Virtual Pay system validates transaction.

    Step 6

    Reconciliation is simplified as each purchase has corresponding purchase order (PO), invoice and receipt.

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