When you get an Absa Business Card you can choose between Visa or MasterCard and keep track of your spend when making payments, ad hoc purchases, or paying travel costs. You can even link Garage Cards for easy payment of fuel, oil or any other vehicle-related expense.

Accepted worldwide

Our Absa Business Card is accepted internationally wherever you see the Visa and MasterCard logos. You can use it to pay for your business expenses, including air travel, car rental and accommodation.

No transaction fees

We don’t charge you any transaction fees for point-of-sale purchases.

Up to 55 days interest-free

As an Absa Business Card holder you get 55 days interest free on point-of-sale purchases.

Added value

Enjoy free extra benefits including Lost Card Protection, comprehensive insurance cover and the Visa Corporate Liability Waiver Programme.

Special offers

Your Business Card offers great deals and perks.

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How to get it & what you can expect

How it works
  • The Business Card has two separate accounts – a main account in the business name and individual user accounts intended for your staff
  • You’ll receive individual user account statements monthly, reflecting all transactions performed, card fees charged and the final balance carried over to the main account
  • The balance of the individual user account is automatically settled against the main account, and the main account is paid by either debit order or EFT (depending on the minimum outstanding balance)
  • You’ll also receive monthly statements of the main account, reflecting the balance transferred from each individual user
  • You determine the allocation of credit limits for individual users, however the limit is only approved once your branch has assessed your application 
What you need to know


  • The overall limit is assigned to the business and the business determines the user account credit line allocation
  • SMS or email notifications can be sent to alert the cardholder whenever a transaction is performed


  • Business Cards are chip and PIN-based, providing added security
  • Cash withdrawals can be activated on request by the business
  • The business and cardholders’ names are embossed on the card
  • Transactions may be disputed in line with Visa or MasterCard rules and regulations
  • Password-protected e-Statements
  • Free Lost Card Protection
  • Using your card is safer than carrying cash to pay for goods or services
What it costs
Management information and expense management

Our commercial card payment solutions are supported by data solutions to help you manage your business data.


View, manage and administer all your Visa Business Card data in a centralised online reporting system. Our Luminance is a complete end-to-end travel and expense management solution.

Contact Corporate and Business Cards

For Corporate card related queries including application processing

Email us at corporate@card.absa.co.za

Business Card related queries

Email us at Purchasecard@absa.co.za

Processing of business card application form

Email us at businessapps@card.absa.co.za

Fraud related matters

Email us at fraud@absa.co.za

Disputes and chargebacks

Email us at corporatedisputes@absa.co.za

For lost and stolen cards

Call us on 0800 111 155

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