Our Travel Lodge Card pays for your company’s travel arrangements, your airline tickets, car rental, accommodation charges and other travel-related expenses.

travel costs
Streamline your travel costs

Your Travel Lodge Card consolidates and sorts multiple transactions into one comprehensive, simple and clear monthly statement.

easy to use
Convenient and easy to use

No need to carry a plastic card around and even non-permanent employees can use it to pay for travel.

Provides transparency

You can track all your airline, car rental and accommodation expenses through a detailed monthly statement.

Added value

Enjoy free extra benefits including Lost Card Protection, comprehensive insurance cover.

  • How it works

    • The Travel Lodge Card resides with a company’s designated Travel Management Company (TMC)
    • Your company books its travel through its designated TMC
    • The TMC makes the booking and charges tickets to the Travel Lodge Card; an invoice is sent to your company’s travel administrator
    • The Travel Lodge Card statement is also sent to your company’s travel administrator
    • Your company pays all transactions on the consolidated statement within 25 days of the statement date
    • Any refunds must be processed through your TMC
  • Features and benefits

    • The Travel Lodge Card offers process savings by streamlining reconciliation and payment:
      • Individual invoices are consolidated into one clear and simple transaction level statement sent to your travel administrator, eliminating the use of cash and cheques
      • Your employees do not need to make payments out of pocket or file expense claims
    • The Travel Lodge Card offers spend visibility and billing flexibility
    • Supplementary data such as cost centre, project code and passenger name enables efficient cost allocation and comprehensive reporting:
      • Choice of billing date, frequency of data and the option of a data feed for integration of financial data into company ERP systems
      • Transaction-level information for use in supplier negotiations
    • The Travel Lodge Card is simple and easy to implement:
      • No need to issue plastic cards
      • Competitive payment terms, with complimentary travel insurance cover from Absa
      • Can be used to pay for travel by non-permanent employees
    • Comprehensive Travel Insurance
  • What it costs

    See our rates and fees

  • Data and expense management

    Our commercial card payment solutions are supported by various data solutions to help you manage your business data.


    View, manage and administer all your corporate travel data in a centralised online reporting system. Our Absa Luminance is a complete end-to-end travel and expense management solution.

    Visa Spend Clarity Enterprise Management

    This web-based system provides the full picture of all Corporate Card and Travel Lodge Card expenditure on one platform at any time, for your convenience, control and reconciliation purposes.

    Other data and reporting services

    We also offer comprehensive data and reporting services including flat file development and delivery, multinational corporation (MNC) global feed as well as Visa Procurement.

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