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Card type
Key features
Visa Corporate and Purchasing Cards

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  • Designed for payment of corporate expenses
  • Aimed at medium to large corporate enterprises and organisations
  • Allocate spending limits and controls
  • Cards can be issued to as few or as many employees as you choose
  • Solutions are supported by:
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Business Card

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  • The Business Card has two separate accounts - a main account in the business' name and individual user accounts intended for your staff
  • Receive individual user account statements monthly
  • The balance of the individual user account is automatically settled against the main account
  • Receive monthly statements of the main account
  • Determine the allocation of credit limits for individual users
  • Solution is supported by:
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Virtual Pay

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  • Integrated solution to access Virtual Card Numbers (VCNs) for travel-related payments from the reservation workflow
  • Transaction-level spending controls for improved security
  • Expanded functionality for all travel bookings
  • Enhanced data capture reporting
  • Smart configuration and reporting options
  • Manage B2B corporate spending 
  • Increased accounts payable efficiency 
  • Workflow control
  • Automated reconciliation
  • Optimised cashflow
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Visa Procurement

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  • Increases efficiency in the invoice management process by removing low-value invoice processing
  • Source goods and services from predefined, preferred suppliers
  • Source goods and services from approved suppliers ONLY
  • Set and automate cardholder permissions
  • Automatically authorise transactions based on cardholder profiles
  • Gather and compare quotations
  • Automated back order generation
  • Dramatically reduces the cost of the Accounts Payable process
  • P-Card (Purchasing Card) purchases and payments are effected from a single system
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Credit cards for travelling

Card type
Key features
Travel Lodge Card

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  • The Travel Lodge Card is a centrally billed card account
  • The Travel Lodge Card resides with a company’s designated Travel Management Company (TMC)
  • Authorised employees book travel through the nominated TMC
  • Typical spend categories include airline, car rental and accommodation
  • The Travel Lodge Card statement is also sent to your company's travel administrator
  • Refunds must be processed through your TMC
  • Card is supported by:
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aviation card
Aviation Card

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  • Cover aircraft related expenses such as aircraft fuel, services and landing fees.
  • Transactions are debited to the card account
  • Receive monthly statements which detail all transactions
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Garage Card

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  • A Garage Card can be linked to your Business or Corporate Card account
  • All Garage Card transactions are debited daily against your credit card account
  • Garage Card transactions will attract interest and a transaction fee from transaction date
  • A Garage Card can be issued without being linked to a Corporate or Business Card
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Other solutions and products

Card type
Key features
  • Manage travel data
  • Manage travel expenses
  • Luminance combines relevant card transactional data with airline, car rental and supplier invoice data
  • Reduce administration and costs related to expense management
  • Maintain the company’s overall system settings and user access levels
  • Cost allocate transactions and enhance the transaction data for export
  • Access predetermined reports and extract data for upload
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Visa IntelliLink

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  • Reporting, expense management and data extract functionality
  • Analyse both card and non-card transaction data
  • Transactions are automatically uploaded and can be GL-coded
  • Our Commercial Card supports the flow of enhanced data from your suppliers to your company
  • View and analyse card and non-card transaction data department or supplier
  • Expense reporting is made easy
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  • VAT registration
  • VAT training and consultancy
  • VAT refunds from 16 countries
  • State-of-the-art online education zone
  • Instant online Live Chat facility
  • On-demand, web-based reporting
  • Multi-jurisdictional VAT compliance
  • Multilingual service
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Travel Insurance
  • Automatic Travel Insurance
  • Emergency medical cover
  • Get access to assistance service
  • Get discounted premiums
  • Automatic cover
  • Optional Top-up Cover
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