Our Garage Card is a convenient way to pay for fuel, vehicle parts, tollgates and vehicle service expenses. Plus, you have the option to link your Garage Card to your Business or Corporate Card account.

One card to pay for different costs

You can use your Absa Garage Card to pay for different costs associated with your vehicles.

Maintenance options

You can choose from the various maintenance options available. 

card with lock
Free Lost Card Protection

You get free lost card protection when you get your Absa Garage Card.

  • How it works

    • Each card issued on the central account and is user-specific, meaning that it can only be used for any vehicle related purchases by the determined card user that is printed on the card
  • Features and benefits

    • Option to link your Garage Card to your Business or Corporate Card account
    • All Garage card transactions are debited daily against the credit card account
    • Garage Card transactions will attract interest and a transaction fee from transaction date
  • What it costs



  • Data and expense management

    Our commercial card payment solutions are supported by various data solutions to help you manage your business data.


    View, manage and administer all your corporate travel data in a centralised online reporting system. Our Absa Luminance is a complete end-to-end travel and expense management solution.

    Visa IntelliLink Spend Management

    This web-based system provides the full picture of all Corporate Card and Travel Lodge Card expenditure on one platform at any time, for your convenience, control and reconciliation purposes.

    Other data and reporting services

    We also offer comprehensive data and reporting services including flat file development and delivery, multinational corporation (MNC) global feed as well as Visa Procurement.

Need more help?

For lost and stolen cards call us on 0800 111 155

Email us at purchasecard@absa.co.za