If you need to buy fuel, oil and vehicle parts or pay for tollgates and vehicle services countrywide, an Absa Garage Card is an ideal method of payment. You can even link your Garage Cards to your Absa Business or Corporate Card account.

One card to pay for different costs

You can use your Absa Garage Card to pay for different costs associated with your vehicles.

Maintenance options

You can choose from the maintenance options for fuel, fuel and toll or fuel, toll and maintenance. 

Free Lost Card Protection

You get free Lost Card Protection when you get your Absa Garage Card.

How to get it & what you can expect

How it works
  • Each card issued on the central account and is user-specific, meaning that it can only be used for any vehicle related purchases by the determined card user that is printed on the card 
  • Your Garage Card can be linked to an Absa Business or Corporate Card account
  • All Garage card transactions are debited daily against the credit Card account
  • Garage Card transactions will attract interest and a transaction fee from transaction date
  • Your Garage Card can be issued without being linked to a Corporate or Business Card 
What it costs
Contact Corporate and Business Cards

For lost and stolen cards call us on 0800 111 155

Email us at purchasecard@absa.co.za 

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