Let's assist you make better business decisions with our web-based expense management tool, Visa Spend Clarity Enterprise. Monitor spending patterns and habits on your Corporate Card, Travel Lodge Card  or Purchasing Card by individual users, your cost centre or at project code level. 

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Worldwide functionality

You can track and analyse purchasing activities on your Corporate, Travel Lodge or Purchasing Card anywhere around the globe.

Expense reporting

Expense reporting is made easy as transactions are automatically uploaded, enabling you to view and analyse both card and non-card data.

Monitor spend activity

Visa Spend Clarity Enterprisehelps to make business card spend more visible to your company, and also helps drive process efficiency and reduce costs.

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Added value

Enjoy free extra benefits including Lost Card Protection and comprehensive insurance cover.

  • How it works

    • When you use your Commercial Card to pay for business purchases, you can receive transaction data on your corporate spend.
    • This is enabled through Visa Spend Clarity Enterprise Management, a complete online reporting and full-feature expense management tool that is fully integrated on a single web-based platform.
    • Visa Spend Clarity Enterprise Management also provides a central travel account module to manage Travel Lodge spend and consolidate travel data for detailed reporting of where, when and how travel is taking place.
    • This enables spend reconciliation at individual employee, cost centre or project code level.
  • Features


    View, manage and administer all your corporate travel data in a centralised online reporting system.

    Tell me more

    • Visa Spend Clarity Enterprise provides reporting, expense management and data extract functionality.
    • Your company can view and analyse both card and non-card transaction data and generate customised spend reports by cardholder, department or supplier.
    • Expense reporting is made easy as transactions are automatically uploaded and can be GL-coded.
    • Visa Spend Clarity Enterprise can help to make organisational spend more visible to your company and enable you to monitor employee compliance with company policies.
    • Our Commercial Card supports the flow of enhanced data from your suppliers to your company. This consists of detailed information about your company’s air travel, accommodation and car rental payment transactions, as well as Level-3 data received from your preferred suppliers (subject to service providers’ participation).
    • This data can be used to:
      • Monitor and control travel and entertainment costs
      • Consolidate spend information
      • Streamline expense reporting and reconciliation of corporate expense data
      • Group and analyse transactional data
      • Monitor employee compliance with spend and travel policies
      • Enhance travel security and convenience
      • Better understand purchasing patterns
      • Identify preferred suppliers
      • Improve supplier negotiation
      • Consolidate multinational reporting
    • We partner with Visa and industry-leading technology firms to facilitate integration of your data with existing ERP and expense management systems, providing additional cost savings and process simplification.
  • Data and expense management

    Our commercial card payment solutions are supported by various data solutions to help you manage your business data.


    View, manage and administer all your corporate travel data in a centralised online reporting system. Our Absa Luminance is a complete end-to-end travel and expense management solution.

    Visa Procurement

    Visa Procurement is the complete end-to-end procurement and payment solution for corporate organisations.

    Other data and reporting services

    We also offer comprehensive data and reporting services including flat file development and delivery, weekly interim CSV statements, monthly PDF or CSV statements, multinational corporation (MNC) global feed as well as Visa Procurement.

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