Our Cash Management Solutions

Key Features
Manual Cash banking
  • Float and change supply
  • Payroll – if you want to your staff in cash, we can prepare the cash component of your payroll on request
  • Deposits at branch, Absa Cash Centres and ATMS
  • Order of daily cash float, including notes and coins, via a branch or Absa Cash Centre
  • Withdraw cash from nearest Absa branch, an Absa Cash Centre or any of our ATMs
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Cash Accepting devices
  • Our cash accepting devices count all South African notes
  • Reject counterfeit notes
  • Allow for as many deposits as you need, dependent on the capacity of the device being used
  • Role allocation to users through user cards/IN codes
  • Provides a printed receipt every time a deposit is made
  • Provides a supervisor receipt showing all previous deposits
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Cash Self Service
  • Cash Self Service is a web-based service
  • Cash deposits can be completed, tracked and monitored online, and deposit reference(s) generated
  • Cash requests can be captured, tracked and monitored online
  • Recurring cash requests can be captured in CSS
  • Queries can be logged online, and these queries can be tracked and monitored
  • Cash transaction reports are generated automatically and sent via email
  • Sending of SMS and email notifications regarding actions in the cash value chain
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Key Features

Absa offers a secure and reliable transportation of cash from customer premises to an Absa processing centre (Cash Centre, Branch). Absa’s Cash-in-Transit service offers the following key features, based on the customer instruction:

  • A scheduled service
  • An ad hoc service
  • Public Holiday service
  • Sunday service


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Cash Insurance

Cash insurance reduces the financial impact on customers when suffering violent crime incidents resulting in the loss of cash. This cover mitigates the following client cash risks:

  • Damage to cash device(s).
  • Loss of money stored inside cash device(s).
  • Loss of money when  carried by Cash-in-Transit (CIT) personnel to a CIT truck.
  • Loss of money when transporting cash from client premises to an Absa processing centre (Cash Centre, Branch)
  • Cash shortages when cash is received at Absa processing centre(s)


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