We can help protect your business against cash losses with our Absa Cash Insurance cover. The insurance covers the risk of cash losses from point-of-sale (POS), cash devices, cash stored in cash devices, cash moved by cash-in-transit personnel from client premises across pavement to a cash-in-transit vehicle and pilferage losses.

We replace your damaged cash device

We will help you replace your cash device in the case of damage when you take out our Absa Cash Insurance cover.

We cover against loss of cash from armed robbery 

Our Absa Cash Insurance covers you against loss of cash resulting from violent crime incidents.

We cover against loss of cash from theft

We can help you in situations where cash being counted does not tally with what is declared to have been deposited into a cash device.

What you need to know about Cash Insurance

What does Cash Insurance cover include?

Absa Cash Insurance covers loss of cash at the following points:

  • Till/point-of-sale 
  • Cash stored outside the cash device
  • Money removed from cash devices and carried to cash-in-transit vehicle
  • Cash-in-transit
  • Onsite money loss
  • Cash Device Hardware

Our Cash Insurance covers:

  • loss of cash on customer site and also cash not yet stored in a cash device
  • loss of cash stored in a Cash Device on your site
  • loss of cash being transported cross-pavement to the Cash-in-Transit vehicle (CIT)
  • loss of cash within a CIT vehicle transported to a designated cash processing site
Qualifying criteria
  • You need to have an account with Absa
  • You need to be an Absa cash customer

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