We offer cash management solutions that will help you take control over your entire processes of cash collections and payments. From an extensive ATM and branch network to secure cash vaults, we understand the risks of handling cash and can help ease your mind so that you can get on with running your business.

Extensive distribution network

With our infrastructure you are assured you have cash access points close to you.

Effective cost management

We have the experience, skills and expertise to bank your cash efficiently and cost-effectively.

Effective risk management

We store, transport and offer end-to-end insurance from the time you deposit your cash.

What are you looking to do?

  • I need to store cash securely on my premises

    Our end-to-end cash accepting device solutions help you manage the risks associated with processing and handling cash on your premises.

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  • I need to deposit or withdraw cash

    If your business needs to deposit or withdraw cash, our Absa manual cash handling solutions can cover your requirements. We offer various options such as banking at your nearest Absa branch, using a cash-in-transit company to deliver to your nearest Absa cash centre or branch and a wide ATM network across South Africa.

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  • I need to move cash from one location to another

    Absa will assist you with the deposits or withdrawals of large sums of money, by safely and securely transporting your cash either to  Absa’s processing centre (cash centre, branch), or to your location.

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  • I need to manage daily cash transactions electronically

    Our Absa Cash Self Service (CSS) is an online product that allows you to manage daily cash transactions such as cash deposits, cash requests (for example floats, payroll, wages and change withdrawals) and cash-related queries. The whole purpose of CSS is to streamline your manual process to be more effective, automated and systematically driven.

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  • I need to protect my cash

    We can help you protect your cash flows against exposure to cash losses as a result of violent crime and theft incidents. Our insurance cover mitigates the risk of cash losses across the customer cash value chain.

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