Let’s help you move your cash using armoured trucks from one location to another, reducing the risk of withdrawing and depositing large amounts of cash.

It’s secure

Controlled access into the customer premises to remove cash. CIT personnel will notify the client of collection prior to arriving at the client site to collect cash.

Reduce your cash deposit risk

CIT utilises armed personnel and vehicles in their duty of collecting cash from client sites. The client need not expose themselves to risk by withdrawing and depositing cash.

You can track your cash

We ensure cash-in-transit visits to your premises are correctly logged and trailed.

Reduce number of purchase decisions

We can help you reduce the number of purchase decisions you makes by conveniently offering all elements of the cash value chain under Absa Cash Management.

Here’s how it works


Traditional cash-in-transit service:

  • This is the scheduled CIT service that we offer. It is based on a pre-determined cash collection frequency that has been agreed on with you as the customer
  • During the transport process, cash is typically placed in secure containers and moved by armoured trucks
  • The containers are moved in and out of banks and other institutions by hand
  • The containers are equipped with security mechanisms that activate in the event of an attempted robbery
  • Controlled access into the customer premises to remove cash
  • Comprehensive audit trail
  • Reduced cash deposit risk to the customer
  • Facilitation of an end-to-end cash solution
  • One point of contact for you
Qualifying criteria
  • You need to have an account with Absa
  • You need to be an Absa cash customer

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