Our end-to-end cash acceptance devices help you process and store cash securely on your premises.

Improve cashflow

Earn credit interest as soon as the cash-in-transit company removes the canisters/bags from the device.

Less risk

Cash handling risk outsourced as soon as canisters/bags are removed from your device.

Less insurance costs

On-site risk is reduced when cash is deposited into the secure device.

Your cash is safe

Your cash is stored within a secure vault making it a real deterrent to robbers.

  • Features

    • Counts all South African notes.
    • Rejects counterfeit notes.
    • Allows for as many deposits as you need, depending on the capacity of the device you are using.
    • Role allocation to users through user cards/PIN codes.
    • Provides a printed receipt every time a deposit is made.
    • Provides a supervisor receipt showing all previous deposits.
    • Provides a cash-in-transit receipt when the cash-in-transit company collects the money, showing the value of the removed canisters.
    • Same-day credit to your business account through integration into Absa, after the canisters or bags are removed by the cash-in-transit company.
    • The devices use SIM card technology to facilitate communication and payment processing.
    • Includes a web-based management information system for viewing your transaction status.
    • Software updates can be done remotely when required, for example, when the South African Reserve Bank releases new or updated note denominations. 
  • Qualifying criteria

    • Installation of a cash accepting device is subject to site suitability.
    • You need hold a business current account with us.

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