Use our ATMs, branches or cash-in-transit company if you need to deposit or withdraw cash.

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We have several cash banking options to choose from.

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We make sure all your manual cash banking needs are met.

What you need to know

  • Features

    • Float and change supply: order your daily cash float, including notes and coins, via your branch or an Absa cash centre. You’ll receive your float in set denominations and can settle your account with either cash or a cheque.
    • Payroll: if you pay your staff in cash we’ll prepare the cash for your payroll on request.
    • Deposits at branches, Absa cash centres and ATMs: you can either:
      • deposit your cash at the above points personally and have your account credited with the deposit value once your deposit has been counted; or
      • use a cash-in-transit service to drop your cash off at the branches or cash centres. Depending on the cash-in-transit company’s routes and schedules, your value credit might not be on the same day as collection.
    • Withdrawals: withdraw cash from your nearest Absa branch, an Absa cash centre or any of our ATMs. 
  • Qualifying criteria


    • You need to have a business account with us. 

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