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Found the car that makes your heart race or still looking for the right one? Wherever you are in your journey, we will assist you all the way. From finding a car to calculating what you can afford, getting the best car loan for your lifestyle and insuring it.

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Special deals

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Experience the joy of buying your first car

Firts time car buyer
  • What’s best for me – a new or used car?

    Buying new
    Pros Cons
    A new car has the latest features and updated technology.  It is considerably more expensive than buying used.
    You can pick from a greater variety of vehicles. Most new cars immediately loses value as you drive it out of the dealership.
    You have more choices about colour schemes or trim combinations and extras or upgrades. Optional features may add considerably to the price of the car.
    You can get great deals when dealerships offer discounts on demo vehicles. Insurance, taxes and registration fees are higher.

    Buying used
    Pros Cons
    It’s an affordable option if you have a small or fixed budget. A used car can cost you more over the lifespan of the vehicle.
    The value of a car depreciates fast and that’s why it is often a good reason to buy used instead of new. It may require maintenance and repairs far sooner than a new car.
    When buying a used vehicle, it is safer to buy a vehicle that has been quality checked and certified by a dealer. Available features, choice of colour, etc. are often limited.
    “Barely used” and “demo” cars can often include a warranty and maintenance plan. Used car repairs are often not covered by a warranty.
  • I want a payment option that will suit my pocket

    Paying a deposit will:
    • Reduce your monthly payments
    • Reduce interest over the term
    Trading in your old car
    • Trading in your old car takes away the hassle of looking for a private buyer
    • Before trading in your car, find out your car’s value
    • Shop around for the best trade-in deal
    • Make sure your car is presentable – clean and in a good condition inside and outside
    • Know beforehand what the minimum amount is you would trade your car in for
    • If you still owe money on your car loan, find out what the settlement amount is
    Balloon payments
    • A balloon payment amount is a lump sum payment that is owed to the bank at the end of the loan term after all monthly repayments have been made
    • It affects the amount of your monthly repayments as well as the amount you will owe at the end of the loan term

    For example: 

    If you borrow R200 000 over five years and select to have a R50 000 balloon payment on your loan, your monthly repayments will be lower than if you didn’t have a balloon payment. However, you will still owe R50 000 on your car at the end of the five-year term. You can reduce the residual amount by making a bigger once-off payment during the repayment term.

    Benefits of balloon payments:

    • You may pay lower monthly instalments
    • No deposit is required
    • You can sell your car at the end of the loan term and use the money to pay off the loan

    Read more on balloon payments.

What to look out for when you upgrade or buy another car

upgrade or buy another car

Consider these handy tips when you are replacing your current car, whether you are selling it privately or trading it in. Also give some thought to whether you want to buy a brand new or used car.

  • Do you first want to sell your other vehicle?

    Tips for selling your vehicle privately
    • You can often get a higher price if you sell your car privately
    • When you write your ad, always be accurate, honest and concise
    • Ensure that you have good quality photos of your car
    • Don’t ask for too high or too low a price - this can make buyers wary
    • Make sure that your car is clean when prospective buyers come to view and test drive it
    • When you take people to test drive your car, make sure you have screened them for your own safety
    • Have all documentation at hand, e.g. service history, instalment receipts
    • Ensure the car is roadworthy by obtaining a roadworthy certificate from a reputable company
    Tips for selling to a dealer

    Although it’s a safer option when you sell your car to a dealer, you must know that you could probably get a better price selling your vehicle privately. If you already have a car and are planning to buy a new one, it’s a good idea to sell to a dealer, because they will consider trading in your old car as a part of the deal irrespective of brand.

    • Shop around for the best deal you can get, but if you find that you are not getting the price you want, consider a private sale
    • Dealers are often willing to negotiate, so don’t settle for the first deal you get
    • If your car is currently financed, ensure you have the amount that is needed to settle your loan or you will be liable for the shortfall
    • You do not have to stick to the same brand of car – dealers offer trade-ins on any brand
  • Do you want to buy a vehicle older than 7 years?

    Things to consider:

    Buying a vehicle older than seven years is an affordable option if you have a fixed budget. You could get the most value on a used vehicle for the least amount of money.

    Resale value

    • Depreciation is usually a good reason to buy used instead of new, but vehicles in high demand tend to retain their value better
    • Some brands have lower depreciation and better resale value because of their quality and reliability records

    Certified programmes

    • Buying used has been improved in recent years by certified programmes in which used cars are quality checked by dealer groups before resale
    • Usually, only late-model, relatively low-mileage vehicles with no history of major accident damage are considered for quality checks
    • The vehicles are inspected for mechanical and cosmetic defects and restored to like-new status
    • They are usually sold with a warranty that often includes similar features to those offered in a new vehicle warranty
    • Certified used cars are generally sold at a premium, but the extra outlay is perceived to be worth the peace of mind that quality-checked vehicles provide

Great ways to find the car you want at the price you want

Still looking for a car?

You have various options where and how to find a new car. Here are some great tips to help you to get an affordable deal and value for your money.

  • You can buy a repossessed vehicle

    What you need to know
    • Cars are offered at wholesale prices
    • You can get a list of repossessed vehicles days before the sale from a repossession centre
    • You can get a great deal if you do your homework before bidding
    • The cars are on display in the auction centre the day before and on the morning of the auction
    • You can inspect the cars and compare car prices
    • All cars are sold as “voetstoots”, which means no guarantees or warranties apply
    • You need to register as a buyer before the auction starts
    • You need to pay a refundable deposit (usually R5 000 but the amount depends on the auctioneer)
    • Only bank-guaranteed cheques and confirmed electronic transfers are accepted as payment
    • Bring your South African ID book or card (or a certified copy)
    • Proof of your physical address is required

    In the event of a legal entity being the purchaser (e.g. company, trust or closed corporation) a copy of the trust deed, articles of association or similar document indicating the beneficiaries, trustees, shareholders, directors or members is required.

    When and where are auctions held?

    • Gauteng and other big regions have bi-weekly public auctions
    • Smaller regions have an auction once a month

    Find an auction near you

  • You could find your dream car at a trade centre

    Auctions at trade centres

    Check our list of repossessed vehicles available at upcoming auctions.

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  • Search for the right car at our approved dealers

    Approved dealers

    Find your nearest Absa approved dealer and get great deals on a new or used car.

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  • Now you can buy or sell your car privately

    For a safer and hassle-free transaction when buying or selling a vehicle privately, visit a branch or call us on 0860 669 669. We have over 40 approved car dealerships countrywide.

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Make sure your car is covered from bumper to bumper

Value-adding cover

Comprehensive insurance is a must to protect your car against accidents and other mishaps. But it isn’t always enough. That’s why we offer you a range of value-adding vehicle insurance options, including credit protection plans, extended cover, mechanical breakdown warranties, as well as the ultimate booster warranty.

  • Credit protection plans

    Death, permanent disability or specified dread disease can leave you in a situation where you’re unable to cover your debt.

    Credit protection will cover the amount you still owe on your car and pay your financial agreement instalments if you're retrenched, temporarily disabled or diagnosed with a dread disease or pass away.

    We have different credit protection plans for you to choose from depending on your needs and budget.

    Cover could include some or all of the following:

    • Death
    • Disability
    • Dread disease
    • loss of income

    Underwritten by Absa Life Limited. Premiums are valid for the duration of your finance agreement. Cover ceases at the end of the finance agreement.


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  • Extended cover

    If you have a fully comprehensive car policy in place, extended cover will complement it and ensure that you can cover any shortfalls or small repairs on your vehicle.

    Benefits include:

    • Credit Shortfall Cover. Insures the difference between the value of the vehicle and the outstanding amount owed to the bank. Other factors resulting in further shortfalls include exorbitant excess amounts deducted or rejected claims due to unintentional violation of terms and conditions. Also included are additional car hire, excess payment, minor cosmetic repairs as well as Road Accident Fund claim cover.
    • Photo Finish Benefit. Your car needs to be looked after and this benefit covers you for minor dents and chips up to the value of R5 000.
    • Excess Benefit. Assistance with excess up to the value of R10 000.
    • Unintentional violation of policy conditions on your underlying insurance. In cases where the vehicle is damaged, stolen or written off, and a term or condition of the underlying policy is unintentionally violated (or not complied with) and the policy is rejected, the unintentional benefit is paid.
    • Car Hire Benefit. The facility to hire a car while looking for another vehicle and obtaining finance in the event of a total loss.
    • RoadCover Benefit. We have partnered with RoadCover to offer you the benefit that assists you or a member of your family with any claim with the Road Accident Fund at no additional cost.
    • Finance, deposit and registration/Licensing Administrative fees Shortfall Protector. Reimbursement of the shortfall to you as a policyholder in terms of the deposit paid as well as the registration or licensing and administrative fees at the time of purchasing a vehicle. This extension only applies when your motor vehicle has been stolen and not recovered, or written-off, and the claim has been settled by the underlying insurer. 

    More benefits at no extra cost:

    Whether you are an existing or new policy holder, we included a number of extra benefits for you without any increase in your premium. All existing policies are also automatically upgraded on total loss claims.

    • Deposit protector pays the original deposit.
    • Registration/licencing costs as per original invoice.
    • Dealer administration fees as per original invoice.

    All these benefits are limited to an accumulated maximum of 10% of the sum insured or 10% of the retail value as stated in the underlying comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy, whichever is the lowest.

    Underwritten by Absa Insurance Company Limited. Premiums are valid for the duration of your finance agreement. Cover ceases at the end of the finance agreement.

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  • Mechanical breakdown warranties

    Our Mechanical Breakdown Warranty covers your vehicle against mechanical failure and related costs. And if you finance your vehicle with us, we will include the Mechanical Breakdown Warranty premium in your vehicle finance agreement.

    You can choose between our Ultimate Extended Warranty and our Ultimate Pre-owned Warranty. It is valid for two years and provides cover for new and used passenger and light commercial vehicles, following the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty.

    Features and benefits:

    • Repair or replacement of components due to unforeseen mechanical breakdown or electrical failure
    • Covers new and used vehicles
    • Comprehensive insurance excess payment
    • Roadside-assistance benefit
    • Transferable with your vehicle when you sell it
    • Cover for a period of two years

    Underwritten by Absa Insurance Company Limited. Premiums are valid for the duration of your finance agreement. Cover ceases at the end of the finance agreement.

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  • Ultimate Booster Warranty

    Our Ultimate Booster Warranty is gap cover for warranties which will cover shortfalls in the cost of repairs for components up to the maximum limit of the cover.

    You need to already have a warranty policy to be able to extend the limits of cover for specifically listed components. Your underlying policy can be with any insurer and the Ultimate Booster Warranty will cover additional or increased limits for components covered by your existing warranty.

    Underwritten by Absa Insurance Company Limited. Premiums are valid for the duration of your finance agreement. Cover ceases at the end of the finance agreement.

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