Technology is leaping ahead faster than ever, and it’s up to us to ensure that you stay right at the cutting edge. We are, therefore, proud to introduce the Absa ID Facial Biometrics to our Absa Banking App. The ID Facial Biometrics is a new feature that allows you to link your unique facial features with your mobile device to create even greater security. With this new world-class security feature, you can be rest assured that we continue to do more for you to keep your money more secure while also improving your banking experience.

How it works

The ID Facial Biometrics uses facial mapping technology to verify and identify you when linking a device to your Banking App, providing an additional layer of security. It links your unique facial features to your mobile device to create a security barrier that only you can unlock.

Enhanced banking experience  

Aside from the obvious security benefits, it also improves your overall banking experience. For instance, instead of going to the branch to link your device to your banking app, we can safely and seamlessly identify and verify you using your unique face. The technology will recognise your face and automatically link your relevant accounts and products, and make immediate payments more securely and conveniently.

Global gold standard

The biometric facial recognition technology is a first for our digital banking security with highly acclaimed honors. It has won the Best Digital Innovation Initiative in the Transaction Banking category at the Digital Banker Middle East & Africa Innovation Awards 2021.

What you need to set it up:
  • The latest version of the Absa Banking App.
  • A valid cellphone number registered with Absa.
  • A valid identification photograph with the Department of Home Affairs.


Setting up the facial recognition on your Absa Banking App only takes minutes.

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