View and manage your Absa accounts in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Go beyond just basic interaction with your Absa bank accounts - with Absa Online you have full control.

Online banking is no longer simply about basic administration and checking balances. It is about control, speed and efficiency. With Absa Online you can decide which accounts are most important and in a flash change the order of importance on your dashboard. Change account names, configure your NotifyMe settings and ensure you receive your eStatements – all at the click of a button.

  • Accounts you can link and apply for

    You can link up to 99 accounts to Absa Online, these include:

    • Transactional accounts
    • Credit card accounts
    • Home loan accounts
    • Personal loan accounts
    • Saving and investment accounts
    • Car finance account
    • Absa Rewards
    • Absa Unit Trust
    • Absa Investment Management
    • Absa Share Trading

    If you would like a new account, you can apply for the following accounts in real time and, if approved, be able to transact at the end of your online session:

    • Savings accounts
    • Investment accounts
    • Personal loans
    • Unit Trust accounts

  • What you get


    • An accounts dashboard that contains a statement of assets and liabilities will serve as your personal financial management centre as it contains a graphical display of your asset and liabilities. The system will pre-populate the statement with the balances of your Absa accounts and you can add the balances of accounts at other institutions as well
    • A secure messaging service creates a virtual Absa branch on your computer. You can message us with any questions and queries you may have about our products and services and we will reply to you with the information you require in a secure environment
    • The balances of all your linked accounts will each be displayed in a container; this will show you the uncleared amounts as well as the actual amounts available on each account. You can expand the container of each account and view your transactional history, account details, archived statements, eStatement and NotifyMe settings
    • The system will display the last 10 days of your transaction history by default but you can request more information by either clicking on the 10/45 button or by entering the specific dates you want to view
    • We will provide you with general account information, including what type of account it is, when the account was opened, etc
    • You can register to receive electronic statements (eStatements) instead of paper statements for each of your accounts. Not only will you save money, you will also help save the environment
    • You can check whether you are registered to receive NotifyMe messages for your accounts and have the opportunity to register for the service or change the delivery details of a specific account
    • Request, view, send or print archived statements for the past two years for all of the accounts linked to the Absa Online service
    • You can change the name of the accounts linked to the Absa Online service to assist you in the identification of your own accounts. This name will only be applicable for the Absa Online service and will not change the actual name of your account at the bank


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