Verification messages

Every time there's a transaction on your card, you'll receive a notification on your primary device. These verification messages are more secure than SMS verifications and help protect you from SIM-swap fraud.

Stop and replace cards

Lost your card or suspect suspicious activity on it? Deactivate it immediately and order a replacement using your app.

Improve your security

Check whether your Banking App, OS version and facial biometrics are up to date in the Security and Fraud hub on the Banking App.

Run a security check

Check whether your email address has been compromised in a data breach.

The service is powered by and can be accessed in the Security and Fraud hub on the Banking App.

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  • Temporary lock

    • If you’ve misplaced your card, you can easily lock and unlock certain transaction types, so they’re only active when you allow them, and unlock when you’ve found it.
  • Manage daily limits

    • Control how much you spend by setting and adjusting your daily limits. This also protects your accounts, should they get hacked. 
  • Click to report

    • If you suspect unauthorised access to your account, use your app to call the fraud line.
  • Digital Fraud Warranty

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