Virtual key input

Prevent key-loggers from capturing your information. Only use the on-screen virtual keypad to enter your password or PIN.

Logon notifications

Every time you logon to your account, you’ll get a free SMS alert. If you get an alert unexpectedly, call the Fraud Hotline immediately on 0860 557 557.

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  • Absa’s SurePhrase

    • Each time you logon to your online banking, you’ll see the personal welcome phrase that you set up. Because this can’t be duplicated, it is proof that you’re on the legitimate Absa website. 
  • Free antivirus software

    • Sign on to the Absa Antivirus Centre with your logon details. The system will provide you with a serial number which you will need to download the software.
    • Download the software from the links provided.

    Download to your computer

    If you are uncertain about your operating system, we recommend that you download the complete version of the software.

    Download to your mobile device

    On your mobile device, follow these four steps:

    1. Register for a serial number via the Absa Antivirus Centre
    2. Download the App from your App Store
    3. Register for a Trend Micro Account
    4. Go to Use Activation Code and Enter the Mobile Serial Number you received

    Before installing the software, ensure that

    • Your computer or cellphone meets the antivirus system requirements
    • The installation file has been downloaded correctly and completely
    • All other antivirus programs have been uninstalled

    You must register for a serial number before installing the software. You can find the serial number at the Absa Antivirus Centre.

    Technical Support

    For technical support, please call our contact centre on 08600 08600.

    If you require assistance from Trend Micro, you are welcome to use their Help and Support Portal.

  • Multiple firewalls to restrict access

    • Our online banking uses multiple firewalls to ensure that only clients with valid credentials can access our services.
  • Advanced encryption software

    • We use the most advanced, internationally accepted standards of encryption technology, using 128-bit encryption built into your browser. Be sure to keep your browser updated to the latest version
  • Website timeout and automatic logout

    • Your online banking service will automatically log you off if there’s no activity for six minutes.
  • Three-password failure and account suspension

    • If you enter your PIN or password incorrectly three times, your online banking will be temporarily suspended. You’ll need to visit an Absa branch or reset your PIN and password online.
  • Immediate payment holds

    • An Immediate Interbank Payment (IIP) is when you opt to make the money that you are sending to a non-Absa account available immediately, bypassing the usual two-day waiting period.
    • These are irreversible and the beneficiary has immediate access to the money.
    • An IIP may be delayed as part of fraud prevention. You’ll receive two notifications; one to confirm that your transaction has been created, the second to let you know that the transaction has been successful.

    • CAPTCHA means Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.
    • You’ll be asked to repeat a code displayed on your screen in a grey box. This helps to ensure that it’s you using the service, not a computer controlled by a fraudster.
  • 3D Secure technology

    We use 3D Secure technology to protect you when you shop online with your card. Your details will be verified via an OTP (one-time PIN) sent to your phone via SMS before you pay

Contact details

Call us on:

Fraud Hotline:
0860 557  557
+27 (0) 11 501 5089

3D Secure Call Centre: 
+27 (0) 11 354 4058

Email us at: