Credit cards safety and security tips

  • Report a lost or stolen card

    • Contact the Absa Stop Card Centre on 0800 11 11 55
    • Stop and replace your card on the Absa Banking App
  • If you get a call from us

    We will never ask you for your credit card:

    • Expiry date
    • CVV number
    • One-Time-Password
    • PIN

    Note: we will have your card number and you only need to confirm a few digits.

What to do when you get your new card

Here is what you need to do when you get your new credit card:

  1. Sign your card immediately
  2. Retrieve your unique PIN and set your card limit by either calling the Card line on 0861 462 273, visiting your nearest branch (remember to take your ID with you) or logon to Absa Online (Select Profile, then select Card management and then click View card PIN). For a reissued card, use your previous card’s PIN
  3. To change your transaction limits, logon to Absa Online or use the Absa Banking App
  4. For added security, activate NotifyMe

Credit card safety tips

Tips to help you keep safe from scammers.

  1. Memorise your PIN and store your card safely
  2. Never keep your PIN and card together
  3. Never share your PIN with anyone
  4. Always watch your card at till points
  5. Make sure that you get your card back after every purchase
  6. Never trust strangers or ask them for help at an ATM
  7. Treat your contactless card as cash – always keep it secure
Need more help?

Let one of our call centre agents help you get the best credit card for your needs.

Call us on:
0861 462 273

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