We use a number of security mechanisms to increase your online banking security; and to prevent online identity theft and other threats.

Online Banking security mechanisms

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  • Banking App

    Verification Messages

    We have recently upgraded our digital security and, as a result, you will now verify your transactions using your Absa Banking App. Verification messages will therefore be sent to your Absa Banking App. This will help to prevent SIM-swap fraud.

    You need to download the Absa Banking App onto the smartphone or tablet that you wish to use as your verification device. If you have multiple devices only one can be used as a verification device (you will be asked which device you wish to use for verifications).

    If you don’t have a smartphone you will continue to use the current verification system (SureCheck). However, we highly recommend you upgrade to a smartphone in order to take advantage of the extra security this upgrade offers.

    Stop and Replace Cards

    Lost your card? You have complete control, you can deactivate your card and order a replacement on the Banking App.

    Temporary Lock

    Simply lock and unlock your card on the Banking App. Only your selected card and transaction types will be locked. Functions include, ATM transactions, In-store transactions and Online purchases.

    Manage Limits

    Control the amount of money you spend by managing your limits on the Banking App. Increase and decrease your transactional limits in the palm of your hand.

    Click to Call

     Suspect unauthorised access to your account? Call the Fraud Line from the Banking App to block your card for further transactions.

    Digital Fraud Warranty

    We now offer you a free digital fraud warranty that covers all digital transactions.

  • Online security measures

    Virtual keypad PIN input

    To prevent key-loggers from capturing your information, enter the characters of your password and PIN with the on-screen virtual keypad, rather than typing them out using a keyboard.

    SMS alerts of Absa Online logon activity

    To ensure that you are kept abreast of all activity on your online banking, every time you logon you will receive an SMS alert, free of charge. In the event that you have not logged on to online banking, you will be able to alert us by calling the Fraud Hotline immediately.

    Free antivirus software

    All Absa Online customers can download free internet security software.

    A personalised welcome message: Absa’s SurePhrase

    Once you have set up your personalised welcome message, it will display each time you logon to online banking. This validates that you are on the valid banking website as it cannot be duplicated by fraudsters due to the personal nature of the phrase.

    Multiple firewalls to restrict access

    Our online banking makes use of multiple firewalls to ensure that only clients with valid access credentials can access the service.

    Advanced Encryption Software

    We use the most advanced internationally accepted standards of encryption technology. At present, this is 128-bit encryption built into the browsers; therefore, it is always in your best interest to update your browser to the latest released version.

    Website timeout and automatic logout

    If you have logged into online banking and there is no activity in that session for a period of six minutes, you will be automatically logged out.

    3-password failure resulting in account suspension

    If the incorrect PIN or password is entered three times consecutively, the online banking service will be temporarily suspended. You can either visit an Absa branch or reset your PIN and password online.

    3D Secure

    We all love the convenience of shopping online, but are concerned about the risks that may be involved. This is why technology, such as 3D Secure, has been designed to protect you while you shop.

    3D Secure protects you, the cardholder, and the merchant by verifying your personal details during an online purchase, before the transaction is processed. It ensures an additional level of protection when shopping online. This service is now enhanced with one-time PIN (OTP) instead of a static username and password.

    What does OTP mean for you?

    Buying online is safer than you think with OTP. It’s designed to give your Absa Card an extra level of protection against unauthorised use when shopping online. You will now receive an OTP via SMS every time you make a purchase, and this password will only be valid for that transaction.

    Where can I find more information about 3D Secure?

    If you have any queries or questions about 3D Secure or need technical assistance, you can contact the 3D Secure Call Centre.

    IIP holds

    Absa Online customers have the option of making an immediate interbank payment (IIP), to accounts at other financial institutions.

    These payments attract an additional fee, but eliminate the normal waiting period of two (2) days when a payment is made to somebody holding an account at a financial institution other than Absa. In the event of an IIP, the beneficiary has immediate access to the money and, therefore, the payment cannot be reversed.

    These immediate payments may be delayed where such a measure is deemed necessary to prevent fraud. This is for the protection of our customers.

    You will receive two SMS messages: one to let you know when the IIP transaction is created and one to inform you when the transaction has been processed.


    When you enter an incorrect access account number or PIN on the Absa Online logon page, you will be taken to the original logon details screen, but with an added safety measure: the CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart). You will be asked to repeat a code displayed in a grey box underneath your normal logon details.

    This is to ensure that it is you who are trying to access Absa Online Banking and that it is not a computer-generated attempt.

  • Chip & PIN

    Chip-and-PIN card

    Essentially, a chip-and-PIN card is a debit, cheque or credit card that is issued with a microchip that contains information about you and your account — and is virtually impossible to counterfeit. The chip is embedded into the card, and there is a micro-strip on the back. Coupled with this chip, your unique and personally chosen PIN adds an additional layer of safety — because your card cannot be used without this PIN.

    You have three (3) chances to correctly enter your PIN to verify your transaction. After the third attempt, your card will be locked as a security measure, and you will need to go to a branch to reset it.

  • ATM

    Don’t worry when your card goes into the ATM card slot slowly. This is a precautionary measure that stops fraudsters from inserting other objects into the ATM slot. Absa uses a unique anti card skimming software called Jitter, which sends a disrupted signal to any illegal skimming device, which prohibits the copying of data from banking cards and makes skimming impossible.

  • Voice biometrics

    Why voice biometrics?

    While knowledge-based identification, such as personal identification numbers and security questions can be compromised when you share these with somebody, nobody can copy your voice. That is why we are implementing voice biometrics in our telephonic dealings with customers.

  • DebiCheck

    DebiCheck Logo

    DebiCheck is a new debit order verification system that gives you control of your debit orders. Read more about DebiCheck

We are very serious about security - especially when it comes to protecting you while you transact digitally - which is why we offer our private retail customers free antivirus software each year.

The latest software version, Trend Micro Maximum Security 2020 is available to all Absa Online and Mobile Banking App customers for download and will be valid for 365 days from the date of activation.

How to register, download and install

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  • Sign on to the Absa Antivirus Centre with your logon details. The system will provide you with a serial number, which you will need to download the software
  • Download the software from the links provided


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Download to your computer

If you are uncertain about your operating system, we recommend that you download the complete version of the software.

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Download to your mobile device

On your mobile device, follow these four steps:

  1. Register for a serial number via the Absa Antivirus Centre
  2. Download the App from your App Store
  3. Register for a Trend Micro Account
  4. Go to Use Activation Code and Enter the Mobile Serial Number you received

IOS store
Google Play
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Before installing the software, ensure that
  • Your computer or cellphone meets the antivirus system requirements
  • The installation file has been downloaded correctly and completely
  • All other antivirus programs have been uninstalled
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You must register for a serial number before installing the software. You can find the serial number at the Absa Antivirus Centre.

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Technical Support

For technical support, please call our contact centre on 08600 08600.

If you require assistance from Trend Micro, you are welcome to use their Help and Support Portal.

 Your security is our priority

Unfortunately Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows 7 software version.

This puts your machine at risk for potential hackers and security breaches.

To keep you safe, we recommend updating your computer to Windows 10 as soon as possible.

Click here for information

Be aware of this latest scam

Absa online Scam site
Pending payment notice

"An electronic payment has been made to your account.
Please complete attached with your preferred funding method and you will be credited upon verification."

The site that you are sent to, looks almost identical to the Absa Online login page. But you can tell it is a scam site, because the URL (web address) doesn’t start with 'https'. The 's' indicates that it is a secure website.


Absa will never send you an email asking you to click on a link and enter your banking credentials.

When you receive a suspicious email:

  • Do not click on any of the links in the email
  • Do not open any attachments in the email
  • Forward the email to secmon@absa.co.za 
  • Delete the email after you forward it
Your Absa Account is Due for FICA

Fraudsters are currently sending 'FICA request' to customers. The emails look like they have come from Absa and are designed to get you to enter your logon details, in order for you to renew your FICA details.

This is a 'phishing' scam whereby a request appears to come from a legitimate organisation and asks you for your logon or account details.

Absa will Never send you a FICA request via email. If you ever receive such a request:

  • Do not click on any of the links in the email
  • Do not open any attachments in the email
  • Forward the email to secmon@absa.co.za
  • Delete the email after you forward it
Fica logon popup
Should your FICA details need updating you will get a notification pop-up when you logon to your account.

Need more help?

Let one of our consultants assist you.

Call our Security Centre on:

Fraud Hotline:

0860 557  557

+27 (0) 11 501 5089

3D Secure Call Centre:

+27 (0) 11 354 4058

Report phishing emails: