Power your home for less

The sun will always rise, but your electricity bill shouldn’t. Keep the lights on for a fraction of your current costs with alternative power solutions. You’ll be able to escape rising tariff rates and outlast the loadshedding challenge in South Africa, while you pay off your system.

Manageable monthly repayments

Make the cost of getting your own energy supply affordable with our manageable monthly repayments. Although the upfront costs of loadshedding solutions seem high, the investment over the long term should help you save on electricity costs and give you peace of mind during loadshedding.

Recommended loadshedding solutions


A UPS solution allows you to store energy from the grid and use it when there are power outages. There are plug-and-play solutions that you can purchase from local retail stores. Alternatively, you can have an accredited installer set up the solution according to your household consumption requirements. This solution does not save you energy costs, but offers resilience to load shedding and power outages, helping to keep the lights on.

A grid-tied system is the most common solar system. It consists of solar panels and an inverter. The system uses panels installed on your roof to convert sunlight to electricity (DC). Inverters convert this electricity to a form usable in your household (AC). This energy will be available for as long as there is sunlight and any extra energy generated from the sun will be lost due to a battery not being added to the solution. This solution will also not produce electricity during load shedding.

If you are looking at a solution that keeps your lights on during load shedding, the hybrid solution is an option to consider. This solution adds batteries to your solar system and allows you to store any surplus energy to use during power outages or when there is no energy generated from the solar panels (at night).

An off-grid solution means energy independence, i.e. disconnecting all supply connections from the utility and relying only on the electricity being generated by your solar system. You would need to consider other alternatives such as using a solar geyser, a gas stove, a gas heater, etc. Your battery capacity and the size of your solution may not be strong enough to power high-wattage appliances.

Calculate what it costs to power your home

Get started with our load shedding solutions calculator. Calculate what it’ll cost you to survive load shedding, save on electricity costs, achieve power independence or go off-grid.



Need finance options to power your home?

We’re here to help. We offer various finance solutions if you’re ready to start living smarter. *Terms and conditions apply.

Use your Absa Home Loan

Apply for additional funds on your existing home loan and enjoy flexible repayment options with Absa Multiplan.

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Apply for a Credit Card

Spread the costs of your system and enjoy up to 57 days interest-free.

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Save and Invest

Save and invest on your terms! Whether you want instant or disciplined access to your cash, we've got the perfect solution for you.

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Get a Bounce Back Solar Loan

Save money and electricity costs.  Get a solar loan at an interest capped at prime plus 2.5% with affordable monthly repayments.

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How to choose an installer

Finding a credible supplier is important to ensure that the quality of your installation meets the highest technical and safety standards.

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