Look out for the following when you choose your installer:
1. Experience and references
  • Do they have a proven and established track record and experience?
  • They should be able to provide references of previous projects and installations.
2. Qualified staff
  • Do they employ or subcontract qualified electricians?
  • Ask for proof of registration from the electrician (also called a wireman’s licence) and validate.
3. Home visits
  • The installer should be able to produce a simulation or feasibility study, of the electricity production estimate for the system for a year with average weather, based on a physical site visit and advise on the size of your components (solar panels, inverter and batteries) to meet your household consumption.
4. Technical expertise
  • Are they able to demonstrate their technical capabilities and know-how, on how to install a solution that meets your electricity requirements? For example, are they able to advise on the best position for your solar panels to obtain maximum exposure to the sun during the day?
5. Rules and regulations
  • Do they understand the municipal and Eskom’s by-laws and process for installations in households?
6. Post-installation service
  • Do they have an after-sales service or offer maintenance contracts?
  • If so, what are the service level agreements?
7. Warranties/Guarantees
  • Do they provide necessary warranties and guarantees both for the installation and for the various equipment/components of the system (solar panels, inverter, battery and the structure of the system)?
  • Compare these with that of the manufacturer’s warranties and guarantees.
8. Optional: PV GreenCard certification
  • Do they have a PV GreenCard certificate? A PV GreenCard is a certification that has been developed to promote safe and high-quality solar PV installations.

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