We understand the importance of your wholesale or retail business, that’s why we offer tailored banking products and services so that you can grow and run it effectively.

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We offer merchant services, loans and insurance

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Tailor-made products to take your business to the next level

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Contract of employment Commitment to quality service
Human resources
General office management
Notification to attend a counselling session Maintenance request
Personal records - disciplinary detail Office supplies request
Personal records - acknowledgement of resignation Phone memo
Personal records - attendance register
Sales and products
Personal records - employment details Order form
Personal records - payslip Products stock control
Personal records - time/wage register Products return report
Personal records - personal details Sales Plan
Discipline - draft disciplinary policy Sales representative evaluation
Discipline - disciplinary incident
Remuneration payroll
Discipline - disciplinary hearing decision Commission summary
Discipline - disciplinary appeal
Expertise and advice
Discipline - appeal decision The impact of tenure when investing in the fuel retail industry
Discipline - example of disciplinary code Understanding your service station business
Discipline - attend a disciplinary hearing  
Grievances -draft grievance policy  
Grievances - staff member  
Grievances - supervisor  
Suspension - pending disciplinary hearing  
Suspension - pending investigation  
Performace - performance agreement  
Performance - performance evaluation  
Basic financial planning
Cash flow  
Labour costs  
Product costing  
Letters of demand
Defective goods/services  
Instalment in arrears warning  
Letters of demand (general)  
Short delivery of goods  
Offers from customer
Pay in full settlement  
Pay in instalments  
Rejecting a settlement offer  
Loans and credit
Acknowledgement of loan  
Letter of acceptance for monies received  
Travel expense report  

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