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Absa Mobile Pay

Doing business wherever our customers do life.

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Absa Merchant Access Online

Quick, easy way to view your merchant activities.

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Merchant onboarding for ISOs

Simple, quick and reliable online merchant onboarding for ISOs.

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Payment Acceptance services

Our products are supported by value-added services designed to make running your business easy.

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Our payment acceptance products come with value-adds that benefit you and your customers.

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What do you want to do?

  • I want to make payments

    We offer various payment solutions to suit any business in need of making payments, be it to suppliers, employees or any other individual.

    CashSend Plus

    A safe and efficient way to electronically send money to a recipient.

    SWIFT Payments

    Send money electronically to an individual or business in another country.

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    Business Integrator International

    Access our international trade, treasury and cross-border cash management products anytime, anywhere.

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    Welcome to UnionPay

    Accept UnionPay debit and credit card payments from your international customers.

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  • I want to manage collection of payments effectively

    Our payment acceptance solutions will help you manage collections, giving you the business owner peace of mind and more time to grow your business.

    Stand-alone desktop

    Fixed stand-alone and mobile devices that can process chip, strip and contactless cards.

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    eCommerce solutions

    We ensure cardholders and merchants transact securely via the internet.

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    Integrated host system

    Set up a secure payment acceptance host system and gain control over your point-of-sale environment.

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    Process credit card payments such as debit orders or once-off payments in a batch environment.

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    EFT debit orders

    Process payments from clients efficiently with our Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) debit order service.

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    With Mobipaid you can deliver payment requests securely to your customers using SMS, emails or social media anywhere, anytime.

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