Get smart AgriBusiness Banking solutions

Whether you're an established farmer or a new entrant in the sector, we offer bespoke transactional accounts to help run your agribusiness effectively and efficiently.

How can we support your business transactions?

  • Business accounts

    We offer bespoke transactional accounts to help run your AgriBusiness effectively and efficiently.

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  • Business loans

    Business Overdraft

    Finance short-term cash shortfalls with our Business Overdraft.

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    Business credit cards

    Manage your business expenses effectively with our range of corporate and business credit cards

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  • Online banking

    What you get

    • Make payments and inter-account transfers 
    • Set SMS notifications and payment reminders
    • Send money to unbanked recipients via CashSend Plus
    • Make UIF and SARS payments online

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    CashSend Plus

    Easily and safely transfer funds to your clients or employees.

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  • International banking

    Are you doing trade in goods and services across international borders? We have a team of experts who will help you with all your foreign exchange needs.

    The Spot Market

    We can help you if you want immediate foreign currency. 

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    The Forward Market

    Buy or sell foreign currency for future delivery.

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    Alternative Hedging

    Protect yourself against unfavourable currency movements with our hedging instruments.

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