Partner with us to help boost South Africa’s agricultural sector. We offer AgriBusiness banking products and services to help run your agriculture business efficiently.

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Agribusiness banking services and products for farmers

  • Business accounts

    We offer a range of business evolve accounts which enable you to make and receive payments through multiple channels.

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  • Business loans

    Let’s help take care of your short-term working capital needs.

    Business Overdraft

    Finance short-term cash shortfalls with our Business Overdraft.

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    Business credit cards

    Manage your business expenses effectively with our range of corporate and business credit cards.

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  • Online banking

    Absa Online for Business

    Absa Online for Business gives you a comprehensive range of real-time transactional, non-transactional and financial management tools. You can:

    • Make payments and inter-account transfers 
    • Set SMS notifications and payment reminders
    • Send money to unbanked recipients via CashSend Plus
    • Make UIF and SARS payments online

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    CashSend Plus

    A safe and efficient way to electronically transfer funds to a recipient.

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  • International banking

    Are you doing trade in goods and services across international borders? We have a team of experts who will help you with all your foreign exchange needs.

    The Spot Market

    We can help you if you want immediate foreign currency. 

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    The Foward Market

    Buy or sell foreign currency for future delivery.

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    Alternative Hedging

    Protect yourself against unfavourable currency movements with our hedging instruments.

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AgriBusiness loans for farmers

agribusiness banking
  • AgriBusiness Mortgage Loan

    If you want to buy or improve fixed agricultural property, we offer an agricultural mortgage loan against the security of a mortgage bond on the property, in favour of the bank.


    • Negotiable repayment terms between 10-15 years.
    • The choice of either flexible repayment intervals or structured monthly, quarterly or annual instalments, with an option to negotiate postponed or reduced instalments.


    • Instalments synchronised with cashflow.
    • Structured credit facilities.
  • Flexi reserve facility on an AgriBusiness Mortgage Loan

    With this facility you can deposit extra money into your mortgage loan account and withdraw it when needed.


    • Tax-free savings at the prevailing bond rate.
    • Access to repaid capital 24 hours a day.
    • The ability to finance assets at the prevailing bond rate.
  • Commercial Asset Finance

    We offer flexible loans that allow you the freedom to structure repayments to suit your needs.


    • Repayment options include instalment sale, rental and lease.
    • Choose between monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual repayment terms.
    • Rentals and lease agreements enable you to deduct instalments from tax for wear-and-tear allowances.


    • Negotiable and competitive finance rates.
    • Advice on structured and tax-efficient cashflow.
  • Instalment Sale Agreement


    • We sell the moveable asset to you over a negotiated time frame.
    • The asset is registered in your name, but the bank is the title holder until it is paid up.
    • Ownership passes to you once the agreement has been fully repaid.
    • The asset is fully repaid over the period of the agreement, or alternatively, you can have a residual value payable at the end of the contract.
    • Term: minimum 6 months to a maximum of 120 months, subject to credit approval.


    • Convenient repayment options to align with business cashflow.
    • Competitive interest rates.
  • Financial Lease


    • We buy the moveable asset and you lease it from us.
    • This agreement does not provide for maintenance or insurance.
    • Financial leases are fully repaid at the end of the repayment term.
    • At the end of the repayment term you can choose to take ownership of the asset, return it to the bank or, if your contract included a balloon payment, you can enter into a new lease agreement.


    • Uninterrupted use of the asset rather than ownership.
    • Convenient, regular rental payments in advance - normally equal to the serviceable lifetime of the asset.
    • Competitive interest rates.
  • Operating Lease


    • Also known as a Rental Agreement, an operating lease gives you uninterrupted use of the asset rather than ownership.
    • The bank owns the asset and you do not have the option to take ownership at the end of the term.
    • There is normally a residual value payable at the end of the contract, subject to conditions of the individual contract.
    • You make regular rental payments in advance, normally equal to the serviceable lifetime of the asset.


    • Off-balance sheet funding.
    • Competitive interest rates.
    • Flexible repayment terms.
  • Credit lines

    Credit lines are offered to qualifying clients with a strong capital base. If you often replace your assets this may be a good option for you.


    While a credit line is not regarded as a specific product, there are guidelines when considering this type of facility:

    • Your financial position and proven cash flow are the main considerations, rather than the underlying asset.
    • Your capital budget and replacement programme must show that you need a credit line.


    • Approved up-front funding in line with CapEx requirements – you’ll know most of the conditions upfront.
    • Flexibility of funding.
  • Sale and Leaseback Agreement

    Similar to purchase and repurchase agreements, you sell the asset to the bank, and then buy it back from the bank by way of an operating lease or instalment sale agreement.


    • You have a maximum of three months, after commissioning, to finance your asset.
    • The intention must be to finance the asset from the start.
    • This product cannot be used as a money-raising tool.
  • Marine finance

    We offer juristic and non-juristic entities asset-based credit facilities to buy commercial boats registered within South Africa. Only vessels registered in the National Vessel Register can be bonded with our Marine Bond.

  • Aircraft finance

    Our highly skilled aviation staff are ready to help you finance your aircraft.


    • We offer asset-based credit facilities to juristic and non-juristic entities.
    • Only a special aviation term loan agreement, supported by an aviation bond, will be considered.
    • Repayment terms from a minimum of six months to a maximum of 60 months.

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  • Term Investments

    Our fixed-term deposit accounts offer you limited access to funds for the duration of the investment. Ideal if you won't need access to your funds for a known period of time.

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