CashSend Plus is a safe and secure way to send money electronically to a recipient. It's a perfect way to pay wages if your employees don't have bank accounts.

It's safe 

Pay wages without having to withdraw large sums of money.

No registration fee 

The CashSend Plus service is accessible via Absa Online, Connected Banking and the Banking App.

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It's easy

Your recipients don't need a bank account to receive funds.

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It's hassle-free

Save payments made as CashSend Plus beneficiaries for future use. 

  • Features

    • The ability to register via online platforms and change limits online.
    • The ability to make a payment without having to withdraw cash.
    • The recipient doesn’t require a bank account and only requires a cellphone.
    • The recipient can withdraw cash from any Absa ATM.
    • It allows for a maximum ATM withdrawal limit of R5 000.00 per beneficiary per day. The minimum transfer amount per beneficiary is R20.00.
    • Total monthly limit: Set by the customer on registration and can be maintained online. 
    • Limits apply to all transactions, including cancelled transactions. Single and multiple CashSend payments can be captured. 
    • Payments can be made from a current or transactional savings account.
  • How the product works

    • The CashSend Plus service is accessible via Absa Online, Connected Banking and the Banking App. 
    • The customer can register for the product via Absa’s online channels. Registration must be done by the mandated official in accordance with the company’s resolution. 
    • The mandated official must accept the terms of the use of the Cashsend Plus and Business Client Agreement (if not accepted earlier). 
    • No registration fee is associated with this product. 
    • CashSend Plus allows payment of up to 10 beneficiaries per transaction on Connected Banking and the Banking App, or up to 50 beneficiaries per transaction on Absa Online. 
    • If the service is cancelled (deregistration), the customer will have to register for the service again. 
    • Cancellation of the service can be done online.
    • Transactions must be redeemed within 30 days of initiation, otherwise the funds are returned to the sender’s account. 
    • Transactions must be redeemed for their full value 
      • no partial withdrawals are allowed. 
    • We will send the recipient a 10-digit withdrawal number via SMS. If they lose the withdrawal number, you (the sender) can retrieve it from Absa Online or the Banking App. 
    • Notification via SMS to the registered random verification number (RVN) cellphone numbers on registration and payment transactions.
  • How to apply online

    •  Log on to the Online Banking using your account number and PIN number.
    • Enter your password.
    • Select the “Payments” tab.
    • Open the “CashSend Plus” container.
    • Click on “Register” tab.
    • Accept the SureCheck confirmation sent to you.
    • Provide the information requested.
    • Confirm the information you provided.
    • Confirmation of registration will be displayed.
    • If there are multiple CashSend Plus users then the main user must validate the registration in the “Authorisation” container.
    • Limits can be changed anytime online.

    CashSend Plus Terms and Condition (English)
    CashSend Plus Terms and Condition (Afrikaans)

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