Looking for a safer and more efficient way to pay wages than using cash? Absa CashSend Plus is a safe and secure way to send money electronically to a recipient who can then make a withdrawal from an Absa ATM without needing a card or bank account.

It’s a safe way to pay a recipient

We can help you pay your employees’ wages through our Absa CashSend Plus, a safe and easy way than withdrawing and paying cash.

You don’t pay a registration fee 

You can apply for a CashSend Plus at any of the Absa branches and you don’t need to pay a registration fee....

A recipient doesn’t need to have a bank account

Our Absa CashSend Plus allows you to electronically transfer funds to a recipient who can withdraw the funds without needing a card or having a bank account with Absa.

Reduce hassle by saving your beneficiaries

You can save payments made as Absa CashSend Plus beneficiaries for future use. 

  • Allows for a maximum of R3 000 per transaction (this is the maximum ATM withdrawal limit)
  • You can set and maintain limits at the branch
  • The total amount of sent money must be withdrawn for each transaction – partial withdrawals are not possible
  • We’ll send the recipient a 10 digit withdrawal number via SMS - if the withdrawal number is lost, you (the sender) can retrieve it from Absa Online for Business
  • Single or multiple CashSend Plus payments can be captured – up to 50 per batch
  • A CashSend Plus payment can be made from a business cheque or savings account only and must be initiated via Absa Online for Business 
How to register
  • Apply for CashSend Plus at any branch
  • Write a formal letter (resolution) requesting CashSend Plus – it should be typed on your company/closed corporation’s letterhead and signed by all relevant parties:
  • In the case of a close corporation, all the members must sign the resolution
  • In the case of a company, the resolution is normally passed by a meeting of the directors
  • Hand the letter to the branch along with the ‘CashSend Plus’ application form
  • Sign the ‘CashSend Plus’ terms and conditions
  • Attach a copy of your ID book to your registration

CashSend Plus is only available to non-individual customers. If you’d like to make payments as an individual, you can use CashSend .

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