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We are all aware that, at any given time, there are a number of phishing scams circulating by way of email and SMS. 

Generally, you can spot that these are scams from a mile off: the spelling is terrible, the images are not aligned, the font changes half-way through the document, and when you hover over the links you can tell that they go to fake URLs that are not Absa-related.

Which is why the latest scams are so concerning: they are very realistic and very hard to tell apart from the real thing. Within the latest eStatement scam, the links within the email are legitimate (and link off to the Striata and Adobe Readers), but the statement attachment takes you to a fake Internet Banking logon page.

For this reason, it has become vitally important that we all be additionally vigilant when accessing emails and websites online – especially when they ask for private information. Keep the following points in mind to ensure that you don’t get caught out by online identity theft:

  • Always check the URL to ensure that it is the genuine secure Internet Banking site.
  • Secure sites always have a lock and key icon somewhere within the browser window (not on the actual website). Don’t enter your Internet Banking or Cellphone Banking details into a website unless you are positive that it is the legitimate and secure site.
  • Keep all your access information secure – and never share your personal information with others.
  • If you can avoid it, never bank at public terminals like those in Internet Cafes. Rather sign up for Cellphone Banking, and transact using your personal cellphone.

Image 1: The phishing email

The fraudulent email has an attachment that links to an HTML page (see Image 2). Watch out for strange attachments and emails that only say “Dear Customer”.

Estatment Scam

















Image 2: The HTML link

The link on the email above opens up a fake Internet Banking page that does not redirect to the secure Absa Internet Banking website. Ensure that you are on the secure site before entering any personal details. When in doubt, rather contact us to be sure.

Internet Banking Scam

Contact Security Centre
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  • 3D Secure Call Centre
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  • Report phishing emails:

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