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Travelling internationally

To minimise risk and still cover your expenses, while you travel internationally, we recommend that your travel allowance be split across cash, a Cash Passport, and a credit card (where possible).

International travel: minimise your risk of theft

 When you travel internationally, you will need to have access to your money to make any number of purchases. To minimise your risk of your money being stolen, you should spread the risk across a Cash Passport, cash, and your credit card (if you have one).

Safety while travelling internationally
By spreading your travel allowance in this way, even if your cash is stolen, you still have access to a range of other options. Always bear the following in mind when travelling:.

  • Always ensure that any money you carry (whether as cash or credit cards) is kept as close to your body as possible when you travel. Popular options include a travel belt or a neck pouch.
  • Be aware of scams where people will ask you for money or assistance in order to discover where you keep your wallet or purse – which they will pickpocket at a later stage.
  • Keep the bulk of your money, together with vital documents such as your passport and visa, in your hotel safe when you sightsee.
  • If you withdraw money from an ATM while travelling, keep these safety tips in mind.

Spending options: Cash, Cash Passports, Credit Cards
A Cash Passport is the perfect option for point of sale devices and cash withdrawals while abroad. It is pre-loaded with an amount of your choice (which can be added to at any stage), and is accepted worldwide at shops and ATMs displaying the Visa Electron sign.
Cash is ideal for immediate purchases (such as drinks and food at the departure and arrival airports), as credit cards are not always accepted at particular vendors and are preferred for larger transactions.

Stay in touch with Absa while you travel
To stay in touch with Absa and to keep an eye on your accounts back home and transact when needed, we advise clients to register for Cellphone Banking, and use the WAP-based (Mobile Internet) Cellphone Banking service from anywhere in the world that has mobile Web connectivity. By activating SMS roaming, one can also use the secure SMS-based Cellphone Banking service in selected countries.

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