Saving & Investing

Saving & Investing

Saving and investing your money is vital to the growth of your financial prosperity. We understand that you work hard for your money, and that you want your money to begin working hard for you.

Saving is a great way of ‘storing’ money safely and putting it away for emergencies or a short-term goal. Your capital is secure, it can be accessed relatively easily and, typically, you will earn a modest rate of interest in return.

Investing requires more discipline, over a longer term to ensure that you grow your money in real terms. Investing in this manner enables you to plan for significant stages in your life, such as educating your child or planning for your retirement.

The first step is to decide whether a savings account or an investment account will best suit your financial plan. Then you can browse through our saving and investing solutions, and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget, and begin saving today! It is never too late to invest in your future.

Instant Access

Instant Access savings accounts enable you to access your saved funds whenever you need to, with options to suit all ages and income groups.

Term Deposits

A term deposit is ideal if you want higher returns on your investment, and don’t need to access your funds at short notice.

Notice Deposits

Are you looking for a disciplined savings account that gives you access to some of your funds, while at the same time earns you competitive rates? Then, see our notice products.

Savings Plans

A savings plan is a great way for you to save for a specific goal. You commit to saving a certain amount every month for a specific period and reap the results afterwards.

Joint Solutions

Often couples, families and friends want to pool their resources in order to invest a larger sum of money, and our joint solutions offer flexible and uncomplicated ways of doing so.

Offshore Solutions

Investing in other regions, economies and currencies can help you diversify and spread your investment portfolio and expose you to more favourable tax laws and a variety of investments and financial products.

Share Trading

Share trading offers investors higher potential returns on investment, and is an attractive alternative for investors looking for an alternative investment option.

Unit Trusts

Create wealth by investing in unit trusts. You have all the advantages of a diversified investment and easy access to your money.

Actively Managed

With diversification at many levels, an actively managed fund portfolio is looked after on a daily basis by highly qualified investment managers.

High Net Worth

Absa offers a range of sophisticated and specialised investment solutions for high net worth investments.

Tax-free solutions

Tax-free products offer you the opportunity to earn interest on your savings without being taxed.

Retirement Planning

Statistically, many South Africans have not adequately prepared for retirement and don’t have enough saved to support them once they retire.

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