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Every person would like to be financially independent and this aspiration is within reach if you follow basic principles and stick to your plans.

Once you have established your financial goals, you can select a suitable means of achieving them. For short-term goals and an emergency fund, savings products work well, since your money is available immediately or at short notice. You will also earn some interest on your savings, depending on the amount that you save, the period that you save it for or the notice term that you select.

For longer-term goals, such as saving for education or retirement, investing may be the answer. With the potential of substantial returns, comes a greater risk and, therefore, one should normally take a longer-term view when investing.

Reaching your goals

Take the time to ponder on what you want to achieve financially. We all have various goals and each of these requires a plan that is suited to reach that goal as effectively and as timely as possible.

Where to start

Preserving and growing your money starts by not spending everything that you earn. Save that one marshmallow so that you can have two later on!

When it comes to building wealth, we must think big and dream big, but we also have to think small, because small savings add up and may be the beginning of great prosperity.

We have your ideal solution

Whatever your goals, we have what you need – be it a basic savings account to build an emergency fund or an elaborate investment plan to secure your financial future.

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