Would you like the security and convenience of being able to pay for fuel, oil, parts, services, towing and tollgates by card? If you are the owner or regular user of a private vehicle and earn an income of R4 000 or more per month, an Absa Garage Card will enable you to do just that.

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Benefits & how to get it

  • Convenient way of paying for motoring expenses
  • Linked secondary Garage Cards
  • Free Lost Card Protection
Qualifying criteria
  • Monthly income of R4 000
  • Have an account with Absa
  • Subject to affordability assessment

*Terms and Conditions apply

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To apply call:
0861 114 411

For 24-hour support call:
0861 462 273

For Lost and stolen cards call:
0800 111 155

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For 24-hour support call us on:

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To apply call us on:

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