Manage your credit card effectively

  • Getting financially fit

    Identify and cut back on unnecessary expenses, pay off as much of your debt as possible every month and create a monthly budget detailing your monthly income and expenses.

  • Managing your debt

    Stick to a strict budget may be all that it takes to reduce your debt. If possible, contact us and negotiate lower instalments on your credit card(s).

  • Getting debt counselling

    Get a debt counsellor to negotiate with your credit providers on your behalf to get lower interest rates and reduced monthly instalments.

What do you need help with?

Getting financially fit

We offer possible solutions to help reduce your credit card debt.

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Managing my debt

Speak to us and we’ll help you how to effectively manage your debt.

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Debt counselling

Seek help. Get a debt counsellor to assist you reduce your instalments.

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Need more help?

Let one of our call centre agents help you get the best credit card for your needs.

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